How do I buy land in Zambia?

How do I apply for land in Zambia?


  1. Recommendation from the Ministry of Works and Supply;
  2. Offer letter from the Ministry of Lands;
  3. Acceptance of offer by paying lease charges;
  4. Get clearance from Ministry of Finance;
  5. Submit survey diagrams;
  6. Client to sign lease;
  7. Commissioner of Lands to sign lease;
  8. Certificate of Title.


Can foreigners buy properties in Zambia?

Foreigners may not acquire or own land in Zambia.

Can South Africans buy land in Zambia?

“The only downside is that foreigners can’t own property in Zambia unless they are permanent residents or own a company in the country. … “A large percentage of buyers are South Africans who have set up businesses and bought both commercial and residential properties.

Can a foreigner buy a farm in Zambia?

Non residents unless they are Zambians cannot buy land in Zambia.

How much is ground rent in Zambia?

Ground Rent Fees and Charges

Part I
Medium 3,833.40
Low cost 2,874.90
Recreational 5,749.80
Religious 1,916.40

How do you process a title of land?


  1. The Tax ID No of both buyer and seller.
  2. Notarized Deed of Absolute Sale (DAS)-1 Original copy + 2 photocopies.
  3. If you are transferring a house or lot – Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)-duplicate copy.
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How much does it cost to build a house in Zambia?

As indicated by others, the cost of a house in Zambia is from around $15,000 going up. At this stage we are assuming you already have purchased land to build the house on, so the cost doesn’t include land. With that amount you can build a decent basic house to be occupied by a family of say 5 people.

Can a company own land in Zambia?

The Lands Act, Chapter 184 of the Laws of Zambia, sets restrictions on the ownership of land by foreign nationals. Only Zambian incorporated companies (in which 75% of the shares are held by Zambian nationals) can hold land, in addition to non-Zambians that are permanent residents.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Ghana?

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Ghana. … There are four types of land in Ghana: Government Land, Vested Land, Customary/Stool Land, and Family/Private Land.

What is land tenure system in Zambia?

In Zambia, land has since time immemorial been held under customary tenure, until the 1960s when freehold and leasehold tenure systems were introduced. … Customary tenure is an indigenous form of land ownership, also referred to as traditional African customary tenure, and has a communal character.

What impact have the commercial farms had on neighboring subsistence farmers?

Less-skilled workers have lost jobs because of mechanization on the farm. What impact have the commercial farms had on neighboring subsistence farmers? The neighboring subsistence farmers have had no help from the commercial farms.

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