How do I get a small scale mining Licence in Zambia?

Small-scale mining may only be undertaken by a citizen-owned, citizen-influenced or citizen-empowered company. Gold panning certificates, which are non-mining rights, are issued to citizens or cooperatives consisting only of Zambian citizens. There are, however, no such restrictions for large-scale mining licences.

How do I get a mining Licence in Zambia?

A person wishing to conduct mining and dispose of minerals is required to first acquire a mining right or a mining licence granted under the MMDA. In order to acquire mining rights, the applicant has to apply for a mining right. The applicant is required to address the application to the Mining Cadastre Office.

How much is a small scale mining Licence in Zambia?

Mining Licences

License Name License fee Validity
Artisanal Mining Licence K900.00 2 Years
Small Scale Mining Licence K4500.00 10 Years
Large Scale Mining Licence K48,000. 00 25 Years

How do you get a mining license?

On filing of Mining Lease application by the Composite License holder alongwith first installment of upfront payment, the State Govt. issues a letter of intent for a Mining Lease. 15. A Mining Development and Production Agreement shall be executed between the State Govt.

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What is an exploration Licence?

An exploration licence gives the licence holder the exclusive right to explore for petroleum or for specific minerals or petroleum within a designated area, but does not permit mining, nor does it guarantee that a mining or production lease will be granted.

How much does it cost to register a mine in Zimbabwe?

Registering a mining and special mining lease will cost $25 000 and $50 000 respectively. Application for registration of a precious metal block and its registration licence now costs $1 000 respectively.

Who regulates mining?

The U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service regulate mining activities on federal land managed by these agencies. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, and state agencies also have roles in regulating the mining industry.

What are mining rights?

A mining rights holder is required to obtain surface rights over the area or obtain the consent of the owner to start prospecting or mining operations. In relation to government-owned land, the selected bidder is granted surface rights by the government authorities.

How do I get a mining license in Nigeria?


  1. Pre-Feasibility Report with COMEG seal and signature.
  2. Prospecting plan / reserve estimatio.
  3. Extant Exploration licence.
  4. Evidence of financial capability.
  5. Evidence of technical competence.
  6. Irrevocable consent from land owners or occupiers.


How do I get a mining license in Ghana?


A licence for small-scale mining is however granted only to a citizen of the Republic of Ghana who has attained the age of 18 years and is registered by the office of the Minerals Commission in an area designated and known as the District Office.

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How do I apply for a mining lease?

To be eligible for this lease you must:

  1. be at least 18 years old.
  2. submit an environmental Impact statement.
  3. submit details of proposed mining developments, including the type of minerals and description of the land.
  4. notify the landowner / occupier in writing within 21 days of lodging the application.

Who grants mining lease?

When a mining lease is granted by the State Government, arrangements shall be made by the State Government at the expense of the lessee for the survey and demarcation of the area granted under the lease . 34. Manner of exercise of preferential rights for mining lease.

What is mining lease?

A legal contract for the right to work a mine and extract the mineral or other valuable deposits from it under prescribed conditions of time, price, rental, or royalties.

Is a mining tenement real property?

 Mining tenements are statutory creations. o They derive all their rights and interests from the statutory provisions that support them. o In most states, statutory mining tenements will confer upon the holder all ancillary rights necessary to support the activity for which the title is issued.

What is a petroleum exploration Licence?

Petroleum exploration licences

A petroleum exploration licence gives the holder the exclusive right to explore for petroleum (including conventional and coal seam gas) within the exploration licence area, during the term of the licence.

What is a prescribed mine?

A mine is an excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted (through mining), and can involve either underground or surface excavations. … 5 On ‘prescribed mines’ – these are either an underground mine, or a mine (or class of mines) determined to be ‘prescribed’ by the Authority.

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