How do I pay a police fine in Uganda?

How do I pay a police fine in Uganda using mobile money?

Option 1: On your Mobile, send EPS text message to 8888. It should be like this! Enter 8888 as the number to send the message to and type EPS followed by your car number eg EPS UAX000Z and send it to 8888 (SMS charges apply).

How do I pay a traffic fine in Uganda?

Payment of a fixed penalty shall be made at the nearest revenue collection bank designated by the Uganda Revenue Authority on presentation of a Bank Payment Advice issued on behalf of the Uganda Revenue Authority by a police officer or traffic warden.

How can I check my traffic fines online in Uganda?

To know these fines, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the URA website
  2. click e-services.
  3. Under Payments, click Payment Registration.
  4. A new page opens and make the following selections.


How do I pay URA with mobile money?

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has partnered with MTN to facilitate payment of taxes using MTN Mobile Money. MTN customers can pay their URA fees and taxes using MTN Mobile Money by dialling *165#, selecting ‘Fees and Taxes’ and then choosing URA.

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Who is the head of traffic police in Uganda?

Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety: The Directorate is headed by Ag Director, Commissioner of Police Lawrence Nuwabiine. The function of the Directorate is to enforce traffic and road safety laws with a view of ensuring safety for all road users.

How do I check my Uganda express fine?

How to check for Uganda police vehicle traffic fines. Option 1: On your Mobile, send EPS text message to 8888. It should be like this! Enter 8888 as the number to send the message to and type EPS followed by your car number eg EPS UAX000Z and send to 8888.

Where can I pay for traffic fines?

Traffic fines can be paid at these outlets:

  • At any Pick n Pay stores country wide.
  • At any cashiers or ATM’s in ABSA banks.
  • Internet Banking – Select Traffic fine under payments and then enter 16 digit notice number, select from account.


How do I find out who owns a car in Uganda?

  1. How to do search for Motor vehicle details.
  2. Note: You can only do a search for a motor vehicle if validated in the system. Step 1: Go to and click on eservices as shown below. …
  3. Click here. Click Here.
  4. Step 3: Capture applicant’s TIN and details will be auto populated in grey. …
  5. Enter TIN here and.

How do I pay my URA fees?

1. On the URA Web Portal,, you can either login to your account or go to “You do not need to login to” menu, and select Payment Re-Registration. 3. Amend the Bank name to the new bank that you desire to make the payment at, click Accept and Register then print the new Payment Registration Slip.

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How can I pay Tamilnadu fine online?

  1. Login to
  2. Select State Bank Collect available on the top ( pre login page )
  3. Accept the TERMS & CONDITIONS and click “PROCEED”
  4. Select State ” TAMILNADU ” and Institution type ” GOVT. …
  5. Select ” SCRB CHENNAI ” under Govt Departments.
  6. Select APPROPRIATE CATEGORY & input required data correctly.

How do I pay multiplex using Airtel Money?

Using Airtel Money

  1. Dial *185# to get to the Airtel Money menu.
  2. Choose Option 5 of “Payments”
  3. Select Option 2 “Multiplex”
  4. Choose Option 1 to “Pay Multiplex” or you can first view your vehicle balance before proceeding to pay.
  5. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number and follow the remaining prompts.


Where can I pay a parking fine in Singapore?

Paying traffic fines in Singapore

  • Through the Electronic Police Centre, LTA ePayment service or the website of the relevant government agency with a credit or debit card.
  • Internet banking.
  • AXS stations.
  • SAM kiosks.
  • iNETS kiosks.
  • By cheque.
  • In person.


Can I pay Netflix with mobile money?

Mobile money payments are currently not accepted as a payment method on Netflix, you can only pay by transferring your money from your mobile money wallet to a virtual card or Visa/MasterCard for use on Netflix.

How do I register for MoMo pay?

Register On MoMo

  1. Using MTN Mobile Money.
  2. In store.
  3. Step 1: Visit your nearest authorized Mobile Money agent.
  4. Step 2:Upgrade your SIM to a Mobile Money-enabled card using a SIM swap.
  5. Step 3: The agent will take you through the registration process.
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