How do I register an NGO in Ghana?

How do I set up an NGO in Ghana?

How to Start an NGO or Non-Profit in Ghana 1

  1. Develop Your Vision and Mission. …
  2. Develop Your Vision and Mission. …
  3. Establish Goals and Objectives. …
  4. Set up a Board of Directors. …
  5. Register your NGO in Ghana. …
  6. Develop vision and mission. …
  7. Applying to the Registrar General’s Department.
  8. Applying to the Department of Social Welfare.

How can I start my own NGO?

How do I set up an NGO?

  1. Define your goal. Before you start thinking of registering your NGO, the first step you have to settle is to determine what the NGO will stand or be known for. …
  2. Carefully choose your board of Directors/members. …
  3. Draft your Memorandum. …
  4. Formalise everything by registering. …
  5. Solicit for funds.


What is required to register an NGO?

The Western Cape Department of Social Development assists NPOs with funding, while the national Department of Social Development helps all NPOs with registration. To register your NPO you’ll need the following documents: A founding document /constitution. A deed of trust (a written agreement used by trusts).

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How much does it cost to register NGO?

Registration Fees is Rs. 2000/- for urban & Rs. 1000/- for rural area. The fee is to be deposited electronically.

How much does it cost to register an NGO in Ghana?

What is the cost of registering an NGO / Not-for-Profit or Company limited by guarantee? The total statutory cost for registering an external company in Ghana is 270 Cedis. This fee is payable directly to the Registrar General’s Department.

How can I register an NGO online?

Documents required for online NGO registration

  1. Application Letter from the founders/trustee stating the purpose of NGO Registration in India.
  2. Memorandum of association/ Articles of association [MOA/AOA]
  3. Name, Address & complete details of the members.
  4. Address proof [if rented, then NOC from landlord]

How do NGO owners make money?

Funding sources include membership dues, the sale of goods and services, private sector for-profit companies, philanthropic foundations, grants from local, state and federal agencies, and private donations. … Despite their independence from government, many NGOs rely heavily on government funding to function.

How long does it take to register an NGO?

HOW LONG DOES THE REGISTRATION PROCESS TAKE? It would take about two months to process the entire registration. Immediately on receipt of application, an acknowledgement letter is send to the organisation; thereafter, a registration certificate follows if the application meets the requirements of the NPO Act.

How can I get fund for my NGO?

NGOs can get, organise and raise funds from various methods, processes, programmes, projects and activities:

  1. Getting grants from Funding agencies through Projects.
  2. Funding from International Funding Agencies.
  3. Funding from Government Schemes.
  4. Fund Raising from Corporate under CSR.
  5. Student and Child Sponsorship programme.
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Can one person register an NGO?

Any person can donate land to the government for construction of an NGO.

How many members are required to form an NGO?

A non-profit company must have at least three incorporators and three directors and may be registered with or without members. A non-profit company is not required to have members.

How many members should be in an NGO?

An NGO Board usually has 10 to 15 members, with a President, a Treasurer and other positions designated to specific tasks/issues related to the NGO’s programme areas. The member positions could be rotating and/or renewable.

Can I run an NGO without registration?

If you want to involve yourself in social service then you can do it without registering an NGO. To register, setup, run and manage NGO is a entrepreneurial task. … If you do not want to work by setting up and registering an NGO you can work without forming it.

How can I get NGO certificate?

What is the procedure for an NGO registration?

  1. Step1:- Obtaining DSC and DIN. The first step for NGO registration in India is to obtain Directors’ DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). …
  2. Step2:- Name approval. …
  3. Step 3:- Filing form INC-12. …
  4. Step4:- Issuance of NGO License. …
  5. Step5:- Filing SPICe Form INC-32 with the RoC.


What is NGO registration certificate?

NGO Registration online in India under Indian Trust Act – Trust Registration can be created for the benefit of society in India, NGO Registration is a process by which the organization gets registered in Delhi India.

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