How do you say goodbye in Nigeria?

The Urhobo word for goodbye is matode. It actually translates to ‘see you tomorrow’ though. Or if you don’t remember any of these, just switch to our ‘lingua franca’ and say, how far na!

How do you say thank you in Nigerian?


  1. English: Thank you.
  2. Hausa: Nagode.
  3. Igbo: Imena.
  4. Yoruba: E se.


How do you say goodbye in 11 South African languages?

South Africa

  1. Zulu: Sala kahle (to person leaving)/ hamba kahle (to person staying)
  2. Xhosa: Usale kakuhle (to person leaving)/ uhambe kakuhle (to person staying)
  3. Afrikaans: Totsiens.
  4. English: Goodbye.


How do you say goodbye in Mali?

When saying goodbye, if one says see you tomorrow, the response is “inchallah” or “nalasona” which means if it is God’s will. If someone is leaving, the person staying says, “kambufo” – greet your family or the people where you are going – and the person leaving will say “uname” – I won’t forget.

How do I use ABEG?

In Nigerian English “abeg” is used very informally and frequently just as “please” is used in English. For example, one can say, “Abeg leave the girl alone so she doesn’t end up crying.” or “Abeg stop it before I slap you!” “Abeg make we just go home, me I don’t want trouble.”

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What can I say instead of bye?

other words for goodbye

  • adieu.
  • bye-bye.
  • Godspeed.
  • adios.
  • cheerio.
  • ciao.
  • parting.
  • swan song.

What is goodbye in all languages?

How To Say Goodbye In Different Languages

  • Spanish = Adios.
  • Italian = Arrivederci.
  • French = Au Revoir.
  • Portuguese = Adeus.
  • German = Auf Wiedersehen.
  • Japanese = Sayōnara.
  • Russian = Do svidaniya.
  • Korean = Annyeong.

How do you say goodbye in Sudan?

  1. Good evening – Misaa Alkheir.
  2. Good night – Lalya saeeda.
  3. Good bye – Ma’alsalama.

How do you say love in Nigerian?

“Mo ni fe re” is Yoruba for “I love you” and literally translates to “I have your love.” Yoruba language needs little introduction as it is one of the 4 official languages of Nigeria.

How do you say hello my name is in Nigeria?

Ẹ n lẹ means hello in this part of Nigeria.

How do you greet someone in Nigeria?

The most common greeting is a handshake with a warm, welcoming smile. Men may place their left hand on the other person’s shoulder while shaking hands. Smiling and showing sincere pleasure at meeting the person is important.

How do you say hello in Africa?

South Africa

  1. Zulu: Sawubona (Hello)
  2. Xhosa: Molo (Hello)
  3. Afrikaans: Hallo (Hello)
  4. English: Hello.


How do you greet the 11 official languages?

Greetings in 11 Official Languages

  1. Hello! – Sawubona! ( …
  2. Hello! – Molo (to one) / Molweni (to many) …
  3. Hello! – Haai! / Hallo! …
  4. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) How are you – O kae? ( …
  5. Hello – Dumela. How are you – O tsogile jang? …
  6. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) How are you – O kae? …
  7. Hello – Avuxeni. …
  8. Hello – Sawubona.
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What are the 11 official languages?

Generally considered to be among the most multilingual countries in the world and among the most multiethnic in Africa, post-apartheid South Africa has 11 official languages recognized in its democratic constitution: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Ndebele, Zulu, Tswana, Swati, Sotho, Southern Sotho, Venda and Tsonga.

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