How is cinnamon called in Ghana?

Ceylon cinnamon is sometimes called true cinnamon. … In Ghana, Ceylon cinnamon comes already ground, although a few brands come as sticks.

What is the local name of cinnamon?

Cinnamon, (Cinnamomum verum), also called Ceylon cinnamon, bushy evergreen tree of the laurel family (Lauraceae) and the spice derived from its bark.

What is the Twi name for turmeric powder?

Local Names of Spices in Ghana

Spice Twi name
Cloves Dadoa amba or Pepre

What is cumin seed in Twi?

€“ cumin seeds in twi Twi name is nkitinkiti and also locally known in Ga as Osu kon Greeks and…

What is the local name for cumin seed?

What other names is Cumin known by? Anis Âcre, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Comino, Cumin de Malte, Cuminum cyminum, Cuminum odorum, Cummin, Huile de Graines de Cumin Noir, Jeeraka, Svetajiraka, Zira.

What is another name for cinnamon?

Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be “true cinnamon”, but most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from the related species Cinnamomum cassia, also referred to as “cassia”.

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What is D Yoruba name for cinnamon?

Cinnamon in Yoruba is called: Oloorun.

What is the Twi name for aniseed?

Anise seeds

Known as Osu kon in Ga and Nkitinkiti in Twi, consumption of anise seeds helps improve digestion, reduce nausea, and alleviate cramps.

What is the English name for Kontomire?

Kontomire. These leaves are actually called taro leaves in English and it is usually used for stew and soups in Ghana and also have amazing health benefits.

What is spinach called in Ghana?

Common name Scientific name Local name (Ghanaian)
African spinach, Amanranthus Amaranthuscruentus L. Twi/Akan: Srahansoe, Nantwibin, Nantwinkasee, Asantewa, Asibe Ga: Awsaumei, Dan, Anago mio Krobo/Ga Adangbe: Aleefu Ewe: Matonui, Moxeti, Senutsoe, Fotete, Awusagbe ***Kasem: Aleefu

What is the local name for cumin in Ghana?

Cumin seed is popularly known to be in the family of “Nkitinkiti” in Ghana, and I must say that Ghanaians do well in spicing up their food with this seed especially the older ones. Well let’s quickly remind ourselves of its health benefits, and also teach others who do not know about it…

What is the Twi name for scent leaf?

Nunum (scent leaf)

Nunum as it is known in Ghana has a myriad of benefits that it offers the body when used.

Is cumin and fennel the same?

What are the differences in flavor between fennel seed and cumin? Fennel seeds come from the Foeniculum vulgare plant, while cumin seeds come from the Cuminum cyminum plant. … Fennel seeds have a greenish color, while cumin seeds are browner. In addition, fennel seeds are slightly larger than cumin seeds.

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Is cumin and turmeric the same thing?

Does cumin come from turmeric? Turmeric is a root that comes from a flowering plant that is part of the ginger family, known as the Curcuma longa. The spice contains curcumin which is occasionally mixed up with the word cumin. However, cumin seed is a completely unrelated spice; it comes from the Cuminum cyminum plant.

Is cumin and cinnamon the same?

The main differences between Cinnamon and Cumin

Cinnamon has more Manganese and Fiber, however Cumin has more Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Vitamin B1, Potassium, Zinc and Vitamin B2. … Cumin has 5 times less Manganese than Cinnamon. Cinnamon has 17.466mg of Manganese, while Cumin has 3.333mg.

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