How long does it take to ship from UK to Kenya?

Despite its 5,000 mile distance from the UK, you will find that sending a cheap parcel to Kenya is quicker than you think. Generally speaking, transit times can be as short as 4 working days, however it is important to remember your goods will also be subject to customs clearance checks.

How long does it take to send a parcel from UK to Kenya?


Service Compensation Delivery aim
International Signed up to £50 up to £250 for an additional fee 5-7 working days
International Standard up to £20 6-7 working days
International Economy up to £20 Up to 8 weeks

How long does it take to get a package from the UK?

Normally it can take 2-3 weeks to arrive from the UK. Royal Mail does not offer how long it takes once it clears customs. Packages can be 6-8 weeks now.

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How long does sea freight take from UK to Kenya?

UK to Kenya Shipping Service information

LCL Sea Freight small consignments by Sea Freight Fortnightly from UK to Mombasa with transit of approx 30 days.

How much does it cost to ship a package to Kenya?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Kenya

Weight not over (lbs.) Parcel Post Rate
1 $16.75
2 19.50
3 22.65
4 25.30

How much does it cost to send a 5 kg parcel?

1st and 2nd Class prices

Format and max measurements Max Weight 1st Class
Medium parcel 61cm long 46cm wide 46cm thick 2kg £9.02
5kg £15.85
10kg £21.90
20kg £33.40

How long does customs clearance take in Kenya?

Ordinarily it takes 2 to 3 days for a customs entry to pass at the airport. For the last 10 days very few entries have been passing and there hasn’t been any official communication from KRA.

How much does it cost to ship to the UK?

International Shipping Rates

Mail Class Shipping Rate Shipping to U.K.
Priority Mail International Flat Rate Starts at $28.50 Starts at $39.70
First‑Class Package International Service Starts at $14.25 Starts at $16.25
First‑Class Mail International Starts at $1.20 Starts at $1.20

How long do USPS take to deliver to UK?

6–10 Business Days.

How long does it take for Royal Mail to deliver?

You can track the status of items sent using our tracked products at Tracked 24 and 48 aim to deliver the next working day or within 2 days respectively. We offer to collect your parcels free of charge from your premise.

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How do I ship something to Kenya?

You can use any of the following methods for shipping goods from the United States to Kenya:

  1. DHL Shipping service. DHL is one of the largest logistics companies both in sea and airmail. …
  2. FedEx International DirectDistribution. …
  3. AmazonGlobal. …
  4. KenTex Cargo. …
  5. USGoBuy. …
  6. Savostore. …
  7. Online shopping stores.


How do I ship to Kenya from eBay?

How to Ship From eBay to Kenya: Shop in Kenya

  1. Buying on eBay using your own Paypal or Credit Card account: …
  2. Using KenTex Cargo to Buy on eBay & Ship to Kenya. …
  3. Paying for Your eBay Purchase & Package Shipment to Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania: …
  4. Schedule Your eBay purchase/Shipping from USA today.


Does DHL ship to Kenya?

If you need a cheap delivery service to Kenya, our DHL courier services are perfect. … We do offer DHL Express shipping to Kenya and this is picked up from your home or work address by DHL and they transport the package direct to Kenya only using their network.

How much does Amazon charge for shipping to Kenya?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to Kenya. You’ll normally have to pay around 1,000 KES to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Kenya, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky.

Does UPS deliver to Kenya?

UPS offers guaranteed time-definite and day-definite delivery worldwide based on your shipment’s destination.

International Shipping Services.

Export and Import (Where Available)
1-3 Business Days undefined SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Delivery by noon SERVICE: UPS Express Delivery by noon UPS Express
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