How long is medicine in Nigeria?

The standard six-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in Nigeria consists of 12 months in preliminary basic sciences, 18 months in the preclinical program in Basic Medical Sciences (which includes courses in human anatomy, medical biochemistry, and human physiology), and the remaining 42 …

How long does it take to study medicine in Nigeria?

How Many Years Does It Takes To Study Medicine in Nigeria? For those that get admitted, it takes 6 years of studies to get certified as a medical doctor. Over these six years period, the student is taught a lot to get him/her equipped with the required knowledge and skills to be medical doctor.

How many years does it take to read medicine?

Following at least 3 (typically 4) years of study for your undergraduate degree, you must complete 4 years of study at Medical School, followed by 2-5 years of postgraduate study as you focus on your specialism.

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Is Medicine 5 or 6 years?

The medical degree is not actually 6 years long it is 5 years long but before starting the typical 5 year medical degree the students will need to complete a foundation/preliminary year.

How many years does it take to be a surgeon in Nigeria?

Becoming a doctor takes time. After secondary education, you will spend six years in the medical school, one year as an intern and another year as a Youth Corper. That’s eight years from starting university to practicing medicine.

Who is the richest doctor in Nigeria?

Top 5 Richest Doctors In Nigeria And Their Net worth

  • Ambrose Bryant Chukwueloka Orjiako. Net Worth: $1.2 billion. Popularly known as Dr ABC, coined from his name, Dr Orijako is one of the richest doctors in Nigeria. …
  • Godwin Maduka. Net worth: $500 billion. …
  • Olubukola Saraki. Net worth: $100 Million. …
  • Chris Nwabueze Ngige. Net worth: $40 Million. …
  • Bankole A. Johnson.

Who is the best doctor in Nigeria?

Top 10 Best doctors in Nigeria

  1. Dr. Oluyemi Badero. …
  2. Professor Babatunde Oshotimehin. A lot of people call him the best medical doctor in Nigeria. …
  3. Dr. Salamat Ahuoiza Aliu. …
  4. Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh. …
  5. Monday Owens Wiwa. …
  6. Dr. …
  7. Bankole A. …
  8. General Oviemo Ovadje.


Which university is the best to study medicine in Nigeria?

According to the, the top 10 best Universities in Nigeria to study medicine and surgery include;

  • Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
  • University Of Lagos.
  • Lagos State University.
  • University Of Nigeria Nsukka.
  • Delta State University Abraka.
  • Niger Delta University.
  • Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma.
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How much is medicine in unilag?

How Much Does It Cost To Study Medicine In UNILAG? Using the 2019/2020 academic session, the School fees for medicine in Unilag is 66,000 Naira for freshers and 19,500 for returning students. However, there are still extra things you’ll need to pay for as a student at the University of Lagos.

How much are Nigerian doctors paid?

A person working in Doctor / Physician in Nigeria typically earns around 796,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 292,000 NGN (lowest average) to 1,340,000 NGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is medicine a 5 year degree?

Medicine (5 Year Programme)

Is MBBS 4 years or 5 years?

The duration for an MBBS course is 5 years. What is the full form of MBBS? The full form of MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is an undergraduate program in Medicine and Surgery.

Can I study medicine without chemistry?

Entry requirements do vary, but to get a medical degree you must study chemistry at A-level. There are also certain other essential qualifications you should be looking at depending on the particular university you want to go to. For example, some unis require you to have a biology A-Level too.

How many years is residency in Nigeria?

The duration of residency training in Nigeria is about four years or more. As earlier said, the Residency training program affords graduates of medical colleges in Nigeria the opportunity to advance their knowledge in a medical or surgical specialty.

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How much does it cost to study medicine in Nigeria?

School fees- How much will It Cost to Study Medicine in Nigeria?

School Fees(Year One) 6 Years
Federal 25,000 – 150,000 naira 150,000 – 900,000
State 150,000 – 500,000 naira 900,000 – 3,000,000
Private 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 naira 6,000,000 – 30,000,000

How do I become a doctor in Nigeria?

Medicine and surgery in Nigeria is a 6-year degree programme. Over the course of the 6 years, you’ll be taking various courses that are relevant to the medical field. You’re required to pass all your courses successfully before you’ll be awarded your degree and operational licence.

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