How many hours does it take from Nigeria to Benin Republic?

3 hours, 21 minutes.

How far is Lagos to Cotonou?

The distance between Lagos and Cotonou is 108 km. The road distance is 117.1 km.

How long is Lagos to Benin by road?

The distance between Lagos and Benin City is 247 km. The road distance is 321.1 km.

How far is Benin republic from Lagos?

Lagos is located in Nigeria with (6.4531,3.3958) coordinates and Cotonou is located in Benin with (6.3654,2.4183) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Lagos to Cotonou is equal to 67 miles which is equal to 108 km.

Related Distances from Lagos.

Cities Distance
Lagos to Cove 251 km
Lagos to Tanguieta 644 km

How far is Nigeria from Benin?

The distance between Nigeria and Benin City is 447 km. The road distance is 321.1 km. How do I travel from Nigeria to Benin City without a car?

How much is flight ticket from Lagos to Cotonou?

Cheap Flights from Lagos (LOS) to Cotonou (COO) from $411.

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Is Cotonou part of Nigeria?

Coordinates: 6°22′N 2°26′ECoordinates: 6°22′N 2°26′E
Country Benin
Department Littoral Department

How much is bus from Lagos to Cotonou?

One-way bus companies that move from Lagos to Cotonou

Chisco transit charges N6,300 while ABC transport is higher by N2,350.

How much is bus from Benin to Lagos?

The affordable way to get from Lagos to Benin City by bus which costs $100 – $120 and takes 4h.

Is Benin City Safe?

Like any big city, Benin is safe, however, whether you are jet lagged, insomniac or just bored, sight-seeing at night in Benin is not the best option as the city is mysterious at night. As colours fade, even familiar areas turn dangerous. People behave differently, and most of the areas are quiet, dark and lonely.

Can I travel from Lagos to Ghana without a passport?

Nigerian citizens will need a tourist visa and valid passport to travel from Lagos to Ghana, for a stay of up to 90 days.

How far is Benin republic from Nigeria by road?

Distance from Benin to Nigeria is 699 kilometers.

How much is ABC transport from Lagos to Cotonou?

Lagos terminal prices: ABC Transport from Lagos to Ghana price and others

ABC Transport from Lagos terminals price list
Lagos (Ajah) to Umuahia ₦ 7,000
Lagos to Ghana (Accra) ₦ 13,950
Lagos to Lome ₦ 13,750
Lagos to Cotonou ₦ 10,250

How many hours is from Nigeria to Cotonou?

3 hours, 21 minutes

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Is Benin a poor country?

Benin, formerly known as Dahomey, is one of Africa’s most stable democracies. … While the country has experienced economic growth over the past few years and is one of Africa’s largest cotton producers, it ranks among the world’s poorest countries.

Is Edo far from Lagos?

Yes, the driving distance between Edo to Lagos is 321 km. It takes approximately 4h 20m to drive from Edo to Lagos.

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