How many people have jobs in Chad?

Reference Last
Agriculture Employment 2017 4,885,293
Labor Force 2017 5,603,043
Unemployment Rate 2017 5.89
Total Employment 2011 4,255,659

What is the employment rate in Chad?

Chad unemployment rate for 2019 was 1.89%, a 0.05% increase from 2018. Chad unemployment rate for 2018 was 1.84%, a 0.01% decline from 2017. Chad unemployment rate for 2017 was 1.85%, a 0.01% decline from 2016. Chad unemployment rate for 2016 was 1.86%, a 0.02% increase from 2015.

What is the current unemployment rate in Chad?

In 2020, the unemployment rate in Chad was at 1.94 percent.

Chad: Unemployment rate from 1999 to 2020.

Characteristic Unemployment rate
2020 1.94%
2019 1.89%
2018 1.84%
2017 1.85%

What is the most common job in Chad?

Economy of Chad

Labour force 7.300 million (2018)
Labour force by occupation agriculture: 80% (subsistence farming, herding, and fishing); industry and services: 20% (2006 est.)
Main industries oil, cotton textiles, meatpacking, brewing, natron (sodium carbonate), soap, cigarettes, construction materials
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What is the labor force in Chad?

The value for Labor force, total in Chad was 6,043,611 as of 2019. As the graph below shows, over the past 29 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 6,043,611 in 2019 and a minimum value of 2,267,917 in 1990.

What is the highest unemployment rate?

In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached 14.8%—the highest rate observed since data collection began in 1948. In April 2021, unemployment remained higher (6.1%) than it had been in February 2020 (3.5%).

What is the literacy rate in Chad?

Chad – Adult (15+) literacy rate

In 2016, adult literacy rate for Chad was 22.3 %. Adult literacy rate of Chad increased from 10.9 % in 1993 to 22.3 % in 2016 growing at an average annual rate of 30.88%.

How much debt does Chad have?

In 2020, the national debt of Chad amounted to around 4.93 billion U.S. dollars.

What is the population below poverty line in Chad?

Population below poverty line: 46.7% (2011 est.)

What are the major industries in Chad?

Oil and agriculture drive Chad’s economy. Oil constitutes the bulk of export earnings and government revenues. Gold, gum arabic, sesame, cattle, and cotton are Chad’s primary non-oil exports. A majority of Chad’s population relies on subsistence farming and livestock rearing.

How does Chad make money?

Oil and agriculture are mainstays of Chad’s economy. Oil provides about 60% of export revenues, while cotton, cattle, livestock, and gum arabic provide the bulk of Chad’s non-oil export earnings. … Chad relies on foreign assistance and foreign capital for most of its public and private sector investment.

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What is Chad’s biggest export?

Petroleum is by far the main export; raw cotton, live cattle, meat, and fish are also exported. Primary export partners are the United States and China. Chad: Major export destinations Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Does Chad have a good economy?

Chad’s economic freedom score is 50.4, making its economy the 158th freest in the 2021 Index. Its overall score has increased by 0.2 point, primarily because of an improvement in government integrity. … Chad is one of the world’s 25 poorest countries according to IMF data.

What is the labor force by occupation in North Korea?


Labor force > By occupation > Agriculture 35% 7th out of 24
Labor force > By occupation > Industry and services 63% 2nd out of 22
Per capita 893.5 per 1,000 people 2nd out of 27
Labor force per 1000 500.58 7th out of 11

What are the primary agricultural goods produced in Chad?

Subsistence farming

Sorghum is the most important food crop, followed by berebere. Less prevalent grains are corn, rice, and wheat. Other secondary crops include peanuts, sesame, legumes, and tubers, as well as a variety of garden vegetables.

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