How many president has Cameroon had?

What is the name of President of Cameroon?

Поль Бийя

Who was the first president of Cameroon?

Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo (24 August 1924 – 30 November 1989) was a Cameroonian politician who was the first President of Cameroon, holding the office from 1960 until 1982.

How old is Paul Biya of Cameroon?

88 лет ()

Who is the current president of Cameroon House of Parliament?

National Assembly (Cameroon)

National Assembly Assemblée nationale
President Cavayé Yéguié Djibril since 1992
Seats 180 members (4 vacant)

How old is Franck?

49 years (August 21, 1971)

Who is the Cameroon Minister of Transport?

NGALLE BIBEHE Jean Ernest Massena. THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORT is responsible for the elaboration and implementation of Government policy in matters of transport and road safety.

Who was the first prime minister in French Cameroon?


No. Name (Birth–Death)
1 Ahmadou Ahidjo (1924–1989)
2 Charles Assalé (1911–1999)
Federal Republic of Cameroon
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Where was President Ahmadou Ahidjo buried?

November 30, 1989

When was Franck Biya born?

August 21, 1971 (age 49 years), Yaoundé, Cameroon

Who is the father of Paul Biya?

Etienne Mvondo Assam

Where is Paul Biya from?

Mvomeka’a, Cameroon

When was the Grand National Party created in Cameroon?

Cameroonian National Union

Cameroonian National Union Union nationale camérounaise
Founder Ahmadou Ahidjo
Founded 1 September 1966
Dissolved 1985
Headquarters Yaoundé, Cameroon

Which is the law making body in Cameroon?

The powers of government officials are limited. Part III (Article 14–24) establishes and define the parliament and the means of the selection of its members and its operations. The legislature is made up of two houses, the National Assembly, and the Senate.

How many senators do we have in Cameroon?

The Senate has 100 seats, of which 70 are elected and 30 appointed by the President, with each region having 10 Senators. The elected seats are elected by the 10,636 members of the 360 municipal councils.

Who is the speaker of the National House of Assembly?


President of the Senate Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan 11 June 2019–present
Speaker of the House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila 11 June 2019–present
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