How many secondary schools are there in Zimbabwe?

The number of secondary schools increased from 177 in 1979 to 2 424 in 2014, and enrolment rose from 66215 to 979 644 in 2014. Most of the primary schools, about 76 percent, are owned by rural district councils while the remainder is owned by church organisations and the government.

How many public schools are there in Zimbabwe?

According to government data, there are 205 registered schools and 219 unregistered schools in Harare, Kateera says.

What is secondary school in Zimbabwe?

Secondary education is made up of two cycles, the General Certificate of Education, or Ordinary Level, for four years and the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, or Advanced Level, for two years.

Which school has the highest pass rate in Zimbabwe?

This is a list of top 100 O-Level schools from Zimbabwe.

  • John Tallach High School : 100%
  • Anderson Secondary School : 97.1%
  • Zimbabwe Republic Police Borrowdale: 96.58%
  • Monte Cassino Secondary School: 96.15%
  • Nyanga High School : 96%
  • St Ignatius College: 95.95%
  • Nyazura Adventist School: 94.63%
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What is the best school in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Top 100 O’ Level Schools

  • John Tallach High School : 100%
  • Anderson Adventist High School : 97.1%
  • Zimbabwe Republic Police Borrowdale: 96.58%
  • Monte Cassino Secondary School: 96.15%
  • Nyanga High School : 96%
  • St Ignatius College: 95.95%
  • Nyazura Adventist School: 94.63%
  • Regina Mundi Secondary School: 93.75%

Which country in Africa is the best in education?

In 2017, the World Economic Forum rated Kenya’s education system as the strongest on the African continent. In 2018, the World Bank ranked Kenya the top African country for education outcomes (1st out of 43 mainland countries).

Is Zimbabwe best in education?

DESPITE a protracted economic crisis which has decimated its social services and infrastructure, Zimbabwe’s education has retained its ranking among the best in Africa.

What age do you start school in Zimbabwe?

The official primary school entry age in Zimbabwe is age 6.

What is O level in Zimbabwe?

General Certificate of Education: “O” Level Studies. Post-secondary. “A” Level Courses. 12–13. 15–17.

How many teachers are in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has 136,000 teachers for 4.6 million learners.

Is Zimbabwe a poor country?

Poverty and unemployment are both endemic in Zimbabwe, driven by the shrinking economy and hyper-inflation. Poverty rates in 2007 were nearly 80%, while the unemployment rate in 2009 was ranked as the world’s largest, at 95%. As of January 2006, the official poverty line was ZWD 17,200 per month (US$202).

Which is the best primary school in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Best 100 Primary Schools 2020

  • Northwood Adventist Primary School: 96.51%
  • Kyle Primary School: 96.48%
  • David Livingstone Junior School: 96.48%
  • Ralph Junior School: 96.43%
  • Selukwe Primary School: 96.43%
  • Dominican Convent Primary School Bulawayo: 96.36%
  • Greystone Park Primary School: 96.30%
  • Kings Primary School: 96.30%
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How much is school fees in Zimbabwe?

Finances: In the 2020-2021 school year, annual tuition rates are as follows: EC1 (three-year-olds): $6,600; EC2: $9,100; K-grade 5: $20,000; grades 6-8: $22,000; grades 9-11: $27,100; and grade 12: $27,700.

What is the best school in Harare?

Best High school in Harare reviews

  • Churchill School 4.9 10 reviews. Nigel Philip Ave, Harare. …
  • Gateway High School 3.6 7 reviews. …
  • Roosevelt Girls High School 4.8 7 reviews. …
  • Cranborne Boys High School 5 2 reviews. …
  • Mabvuku High School 4 1 review. …
  • Marlborough High School 3.5 4 reviews. …
  • Mabelreign Girls 4 1 review. …
  • Harare High School 4 5 reviews.

Which is the best private school in Zimbabwe?

Harare International School (HIS) was founded in 1992.

Harare International School is an international school that offers the Primary Years Programme and the Diploma Programme and it is authorized to offer .

  • St Georges College. …
  • Peter House College. …
  • Chisipite Senior School. …
  • St Johns College.


What does Zimbabwe mean in English?

Many sources hold that “Zimbabwe” derives from dzimba-dza-mabwe, translated from the Karanga dialect of Shona as “houses of stones” (dzimba = plural of imba, “house”; mabwe = plural of bwe, “stone”). … Zimbabwe was formerly known as Southern Rhodesia (1898), Rhodesia (1965), and Zimbabwe Rhodesia (1979).

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