How many tribes are in Southern Province Zambia?

Southern Province is home to the Ila-Tonga peoples, of which 12 separate groups speaking closely related dialects may be identified.

What tribes are found in Southern Province of Zambia?

The Batonga are the largest ethnic group in the Province. A rail line and the Lusaka-Livingstone road forms the principal transport axis of the province, running through its centre and its farming towns: Kalomo, Choma, Pemba, Monze, and Mazabuka.

How many tribes are in Western Province of Zambia?

They are a collection of 24 subgroups, with a well-established system of traditional rulers headed by the Litunga.

What is the poorest province in Zambia?

The province is bordered along the Luapula River, through Lake Mweru and to its north by DR Congo. Around 80.5 per cent of the population of Luapula is accounted as poor in 2010 census, making it the poorest of all provinces in Zambia.

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What are the tribes found in Luapula Province?

The main tribes found in Luapula province are: Ushi, Ngumbo, Lungu, Lunda, Chishinga, Shila and Kabende. Each district has two or more traditional leaders who are gazetted by the government.

Who is the richest musician in Southern Province of Zambia?

Top 3 highest paid Zambian Artists for the year 2020

1 ROBERTO Paid K12,000 (KWACHA) Per Show
2 SLAP DEE Paid K10,000 (KWACHA) Per Show
3 CHEF 187 Paid K9,000 (KWACHA) Per Show And Stage Performance

Which tribe celebrates the Shimunenga ceremony?

The Shimunenga Ceremony of the Ila speaking people of Maala in Southern Province of Zambia is celebrated annually during full moon in September or October. The ceremony expresses the people’s devotion.

Which is the richest tribe in Zambia?

The Tongas say they are the richest tribe in Zambia, and thats why they want to be led by a rich and interigent Man.

What is the richest city in Zambia?

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia is the 19th richest city in Africa according to VisualCapitalist’s latest statistics. Lusaka City, has a combined wealth of around $11 billion. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

Who is the richest man in Western Province?

Richest People in North-Western Province, ZA

  • Serge Dassault. $17.3 Billion. …
  • Thomas Peterffy. $17 Billion. …
  • Anne Cox Chambers. $17 Billion. …
  • Donald Bren. $17 Billion. …
  • Dilip Shanghvi. $16 Billion. …
  • Thomas Kwok. $16 Billion. …
  • Alisher Usmanov. $16 Billion. …
  • Stefan Quandt. $16 Billion.

What is the cleanest city in Zambia?

With Chipata basking in its newly declared city status Mayor Sinoya Mwale says they have earned the status as the cleanest city in Zambia.

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Who is the richest black man in Zambia?

Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote Plans More Investments In Zambia. Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, plans to invest in the energy and agricultural sectors of Zambia.

Who is the youngest richest person in Zambia?

Meet Zambia’s Richest Youngest Millionaire. His names are Spax Mulenga. Spax, Zambia’s richest youngest millionaire is based on the Copperbelt Province in the once Zambia’s cleanest town Chingola.

Who is the richest man in Luapula Province?

Richest People in Luapula, ZM

  • Serge Dassault. $17.3 Billion. …
  • Donald Bren. $17 Billion. …
  • Thomas Peterffy. $17 Billion. …
  • Anne Cox Chambers. $17 Billion. …
  • Dilip Shanghvi. $16 Billion. …
  • Thomas Kwok. $16 Billion. …
  • Alisher Usmanov. $16 Billion. …
  • Stefan Quandt. $16 Billion.

What tribe is found in Lusaka Province?

Lusaka is an ethnically diverse province and is the only province in Zambia without a single ethnic group making up a third of the Population. The Bemba form the largest ethnicity at 20.2%, while the largest ethnic cluster is the Nyanja cluster (comprising Chewa, Nsenga, Chikunda, Kunda and Ngoni) making up 30.5%.

Who is the minister of Luapula Province?


Minister Constituency (or nominated) Province
Nickson Chilangwa Kawambwa Luapula Province
Edify Hamukale Nominated Southern Province
Richard Kapita Nominated Western Province
Bowman Lusambo Kabushi Lusaka Province
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