How much are drivers paid in Kenya?

A person working in Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers in Kenya typically earns around 57,300 KES per month. Salaries range from 39,300 KES (lowest average) to 179,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much does a county driver earn in Kenya?

The national average salary for a Drivers is KSh 34,500 in Kenya.

Drivers Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Faulu Kenya Driver salaries – 1 salaries reported 30,000/mo
Nairobi County Driver salaries – 1 salaries reported 55,000/mo

How much do delivery riders make in Kenya?

How much money does a Delivery Driver make in Kenya? A person working as a Delivery Driver in Kenya typically earns around 41,900 KES per month. Salaries range from 21,800 KES (lowest) to 64,100 KES (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is the highest paid driving job?

Here are the 10 highest paying driving jobs in the industry.

  • Auto Hauls.
  • Owner-Operators.
  • Over the Road Trucking.
  • Tanker Hauls.
  • Hazmat Hauls.
  • Team Truck Drivers.
  • Trucking School Instructor.
  • Mining or Dump Truck Driving.
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How much is salary for truck driver?

The most common pay model for truck drivers in the United States

Pay Period Salary
Per mile $0.49
Per week $1,183
Per month $4,731
Per year $47,306

How do I become an ambulance driver in Kenya?

Job Qualifications

  1. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education mean grade D plain or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
  2. Possess a valid driving license and three years driving experience;
  3. Have a First aid training Lasting not less than one (1) week preferably from St.

How much are KRA officers paid?

Kenya Revenue Authority Salaries

Job Title Salary
Officer salaries – 7 salaries reported 90,000/mo
Revenue Officer salaries – 6 salaries reported 87,000/mo
Kra officer salaries – 3 salaries reported 90,000/mo
Industrial Attachment salaries – 3 salaries reported 7,000/mo

How much does Glovo pay per delivery?

At Glovo you earn money for each order placed and the company guarantees that for each one you place, you will get an income of between 4 and 6 euros , but there are added values ​​for working under adverse situations, such as if it is raining.

How does Glovo make money?

For every order, we pay a fixed price called «base rate», that can vary depending on the city. Your earnings will depend on the number of kilometres you’ve covered. The more kilometres you cover, the more you earn! After 5 minutes waiting in the store, you will receive a fixed amount of money per minute.

How much do Eddie Stobart pay drivers?

The typical Eddie Stobart Hgv Driver salary is £1,931. Hgv Driver salaries at Eddie Stobart can range from £1,587 – £3,782.

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What is the best delivery driver job?

9 Best Delivery App Jobs (and Gigs) to Make Extra Money in 2021

  • DoorDash.
  • Instacart.
  • Shipt Shopper.
  • Grubhub.
  • Saucey.
  • Caviar.
  • Postmates.
  • Uber Eats.


Which delivery drivers make the most money?

10 best paying delivery jobs

  • Favor Delivery driver. National average salary: $13.81 per hour. …
  • DoorDash delivery driver. National average salary: $45,555 per year. …
  • Grubhub courier. National average salary: $47,378 per year. …
  • Instacart delivery driver. …
  • Postmates delivery driver. …
  • Caviar delivery driver. …
  • Uber Eats delivery driver. …
  • Shipt delivery driver.


Is a truck driver a good job?

Truck driving as a career doesn’t require any degree, but you need to be excellent at driving and you have to be time sensitive. … Driving a truck can earn you a good living also. A person with a good driving experience can earn more than $65,000 per year and an entry level driver can earn up to $40,000 per year.

How many hours a week do truck drivers work?

Under the current hours-of-service regulations, a trucker can be on the road for: No more than 11 hours of daily driving with a 14-hour work day cap. No more than a minimum average of 70 hours a work week. If the weekly limit is reached, they can continue after 34 hours of consecutive rest.

What is the highest paying truck driving company?

Trucking Company Pay Rankings

# Company (Click For Profile) Annual Pay
1 GP Transco $90,000
2 Sysco $87,204
3 Wal-Mart $86,000
4 Epes Transport $83,921
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