How much do trees cost in Kenya?

At maturity, the eucalyptus goes for between KES 4,000 and KES 5,000. On the other side, mature pines and cypress can fetch between KES 7,000 and KES 10,000. Tree seedlings cost anywhere between KES 5 and KES 20 depending on the type and vendor location.

How much do trees cost to buy?

Cost to Plant a Tree

Item Unit Cost Cost
1. Small tree: each tree is four to six feet tall in a 5 gallon pot; includes transport, site preparation, equipment, and miscellaneous supplies. $75 $376
2. + Labor Cost $38 $152
Total Cost $106 $528

How much does a single tree cost?

Planting a single tree costs anywhere from $150 to $300 but it’s cheaper to do multiple trees at once. Five small trees ranges from $300 to $700, or $60 to $140 per tree. About 30% of the cost is labor. Most trees you purchase are small to plant, ranging from 5 to 15 feet tall.

Which trees grow the fastest in Kenya?

7 fastest growing trees in Kenya

  1. Eucalyptus. When you talk of tree growing in Kenya, most people’s mind probably goes to Eucalyptus. …
  2. Bamboo. Aside from eucalyptus, Bamboo is another great option if you are looking to growing trees for profit. …
  3. Jacaranda tree. …
  4. Whispering pine tree. …
  5. Melia volkensii. …
  6. Kei apple. …
  7. Azadirachta indica (Mwarobaini)
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How much do you get paid to plant trees?

On most contracts the tree price is set so that average earnings for experienced planters are around $250 per day. Motivated and experienced planters can and do make over $300 per day.

Can you buy full size trees?

Although you can have nearly full-sized trees planted in your yard, smaller trees transplant easier and grow quicker than larger trees. They also cost a lot less and if you choose you can probably plant them yourself.

How much does a baby tree cost?

A young tree under 10 feet tall usually costs from $50 to $100, according to Home for the Harvest. Bareroot fruit or ornamental trees can cost as little as $25.

How can I grow a tree for free?

Plan a Tree Planting Event

If you have a group that would like to plant some trees in your community, you can apply for free native tree seedlings through the National Wildlife Federation. Once you’re approved you’ll get the free trees and lots of resources on how to hold a successful tree planting event.

Can you plant a full grown tree?

You can transplant mature trees either in fall or in late winter/early spring. The tree transplant has the best chance of success if you act during these periods. Only transplant mature trees after the leaves fall in autumn or before bud break in spring.

What is the best tree planting charity?

These Are the 9 Best Charities for Planting Trees

  • Trees for the Future.
  • Trees, Water & People.
  • International Tree Foundation.
  • Woodland Trust.
  • Trees for Life.
  • Trees for Cities.
  • Tree Aid.
  • International Animal Rescue.
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What is the best tree to plant?

These are the best trees to grow in your yard for shade, privacy, and color.

  • Put Down Some Roots. 1/17. Trees add much-needed shade, privacy, color, and value to your backyard. …
  • Dogwood. 2/17. …
  • Saucer Magnolia. 3/17. …
  • Sugar Maple. 4/17. …
  • Silver Maple. 5/17. …
  • ‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae. 6/17. …
  • Weeping Cherry. 7/17. …
  • Red Oak. 8/17.

Which tree grows very fast?

Papeeta tree has a short life span but is among the fastest-growing trees. The tree is known to grow a height of about 10 to 15 feet and has a single trunk.

Is tree planting profitable in Kenya?

Tree farming in Kenya is a profitable venture, and you can make profits of up to millions depending on the size of your land and the type and size of your trees. The most important part of the entire process is to get started.

Is tree planting good money?

An experienced planter can potentially earn upwards of $ 20,000 over a 50-55 day season. In addition to these values is the amount saved by not paying camp or motel costs. How long is your average spring planting season? On average, 50-55 production days.

Will the government pay you to plant trees?

The federal Natural Resource Conservation Service and some state forestry programs sponsor conservation and cost-share programs that pay private landowners to create wildlife habitat, prevent erosion and address other conservation concerns. Yes, you can get paid for improving your land by planting pines.

Is planting hard?

It’s no secret that planting is hard work, but not only is one of the most difficult jobs, it is a physically demanding job for ten hours a day. … Outside of the ten planting hours, your time is taken up by driving to and from the block, camp chores, making your lunch in the morning, and meals.

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