How much does a biotechnologist earn in Nigeria?

A person working as a Biotechnologist in Nigeria typically earns around 438,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 219,000 NGN (lowest) to 678,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much is a biotechnologist paid?

An entry-level Biotechnologist with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$56,712 based on 6 salaries. An early career Biotechnologist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$57,706 based on 8 salaries.

What is the monthly income of a biotechnologist?

Those employed as Biotechnology Researchers in government sector can get the salary of Rs. 9000 Per Month along with government Bonuses and Benefits. Private sector companies provide Biotechnology Salaries between Rs. 12,000- Rs.

Biotechnology Salary.

Degree Biotechnology Salary Per Month
M.Sc Biotechnology Rs. 28,000 – 31,000

What is the starting salary for biotechnology?

Biotech Salary Analysis – City Wise Biotech Jobs & Salary

States Average Annual Salary Range
Karnataka 2.2 lakh – 15 lakh
Delhi 2.9 lakhs – 7 lakhs
Andhra Pradesh 2.0 lakh – 12 lakh
Tamil Nadu 1.8 lakh – 18 lakh
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Does Biotechnology pay well?

While biotechnology careers pay well, like with any field, there is always room to grow. As Auclair sees it, the most efficient way to advance in the biotechnology field—and, subsequently increase your earning potential—is to pursue a biotechnology master’s degree. “A master’s degree is sort of a sweet spot,” he says.

Are biotechnologists in demand?

With the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) the demand for Biotech engineers has increased many folds. … Apart from assisting scientist in developing vaccine to fight viruses the Biotech engineers are required in four major industrial areas including health care (medical), agriculture, waste treatment and food production.

Is biotechnology a good career?

Biotechnology is a good career option. Biotechnology career is not only a white coat laboratary drug developing job. There are so many other opportunities out there. Opportunities ranges from sales, marketing, research and development, production and distribution, mnufacturing, qulity control etc.

Which field is best in biotechnology?

Medical Biotechnology implies the application of biotechnology in the field of healthcare sector.

Career Opportunities in Medical Biotechnology:

  • Clinical Laboratory Technician.
  • Biological Supplier Manufacturing.
  • Environmental Technician.
  • Food Safety Mechanism.
  • Pharmaceutical Research Technician.

Which country is best for biotechnology?

Best countries to study biotechnology

  • USA.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • UK.
  • New Zealand.
  • Finland.
  • Malaysia.
  • Denmark.

Is biotechnology better than MBBS?

If you want to cure diseases and save people from misery, do MBBS. If you want to find cure for diseases and save people from misery, do medical biotechnology. In India if you are looking for a respectable job, join MBBS. Biotech field started way back in India and it’s pretty much saturated.

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Which is better biotechnology or pharmacy?

Pharmacy gives better employability as compared to biotech, biochem or microbio. The reason is the huge pharma industry. … Pharma sector includes several fields of work from research, development and manufacturing to sales and distribution. All these fields require huge number of manpower.

What is salary after PHD biotechnology?

Biotechnologist Job Salary in India : An average salary of Rs 5,75,329 per year is earned by a biotechnology research scientist. There are lots of people who actually switch to other fields after 10 years of experience.

Why are biotech salaries so low?

Making a new drug is much harder than making useful software. … Are the biotech jobs you’re seeing bioinformatics/software or bench work? Typically there are many more people with life science degrees, undergraduate and graduate level, than there are jobs available, so entry level salaries are lower.

Can a biotechnologist become a doctor?

Yes you can become a doctor but it won’t be related to medical field. … You study medicine (Mbbs), and after completing that you study Biotech courses as an additional subject. You do PhD in biotech.

Is a biotech degree worth it?

The Value of a Biotechnology Career

Aside from benefiting society, a biotechnology major can be personally advantageous. You’ll learn transferable skills, study thought-provoking problems, and most likely earn a high salary, especially if you work in the private industry.

Where do biotechnologists make the most money?

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Biotechnologist Jobs

Bellevue, WA beats the national average by $15,187 (18.9%), and Richmond, CA furthers that trend with another $17,988 (22.4%) above the $80,455 average.

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