How much is a loaf of bread in Kenya?

Restaurants Edit
Water (12 oz small bottle) 48.27KSh
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 333.27KSh
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 46.36KSh

Is it expensive to live in Kenya?

The prices all depend on the quality of life that you demand. 2018 figures from Numbeo show that a four-person family living in Nairobi can expect to spend Ksh193,854.79 a month simply on living costs — this figure doesn’t include rent or mortgage expenses. Kenya’s fast broadband service costs Khs5,507.69 a month.

How much do things cost in Kenya?

You should plan to spend around KES11,885 ($110) per day on your vacation in Kenya, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, KES2,534 ($24) on meals for one day and KES3,220 ($30) on local transportation.

How much is coffee in Kenya?

Figures for 2020 and 2021 are provisional. * The Nairobi Coffee Exchange was in recess in June 2020.

Auction price of coffee in Kenya from January 2019 to January 2021 (in U.S. dollars per kilogram )

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Characteristic Auction price of coffee in U.S. dollars
Dec 2020 5.98
Nov 2020 5.2
Oct 2020 4.85
Sep 2020 4.47

How much do eggs cost in Kenya?

An egg is currently going for between 0.13 U.S. dollars and 0.15 dollars each in retail shops in residential areas in the capital Nairobi. On the other hand, wholesalers are selling a crate of an egg at an average of 3.3 dollars from between 2.8 dollars and 3 dollars.

What is a good salary in Kenya?

A person working in Kenya typically earns around 147,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 37,100 KES (lowest average) to 656,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much does a house in Kenya cost?

That said, the average purchase price of a 1 to a 3-bedroom house in Nairobi as of 2019 was 14.4 million shillings (US$140,666), while that of a 4-6 bedroom residential averaged at about 39.1 million shillings (US$ 381,948).

What does $100 buy in Kenya?

A dollar trade for about 100 Kenyan shillings so $100 will be KSHS. 10,000. Think about it, this money would be enough to buy you clothes food, clothes, even accommodation for a day or two in Kenya.

Is 80000 shillings a lot of money in Kenya?

Kshs. 80,000 can be a lot of money yet little money in Nairobi.

How much is a Big Mac in Kenya?

The price of Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Nairobi is Shilling659. This average is based on 7 price points.

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How much is a cup of coffee in Kenya?

The average price for a cup of coffee in Nairobi is 120 shillings for single, 200 shillings for double and 230 for a triple.

How much is a kilo of coffee in Uganda?

The price in Uganda Shilling is UGX 5646.05 per kg.

Is Nescafe and Nestle?

In 1929, Nestlé was challenged to help preserve the surplus coffee beans in Brazil that resulted from the Wall Street Crash. Named by using the first three letters in Nestlé and suffixing it with ‘café’, NESCAFÉ became the new name in coffee. …

How much is an egg in Uganda?

In 2021, the approximate price range for Uganda Eggs is between US$ 0.69 and US$ 0.93 per kilogram or between US$ 0.31 and US$ 0.42 per pound(lb). The price in Uganda Shilling is UGX 2468.19 per kg. The average price for a tonne is US$ 691.09 in Jinja and Kampala.

How much does an apple cost in Kenya?

In 2021 the estimated price range for Kenya apples is between US$ 1.12 and US$ 1.21 per kilogram or between US$ 0.51 and US$ 0.55 per pound/lb. The average price for a metric tonne/ton is US$ 2,330 in Nairobi and Mombasa. The price in KES is 21.3894. Kenya’s import price for apples in 2019 was US$0.85 per kg.

How many eggs in a tray Kenya?

Fresh Farm Eggs – 1 tray / 30 eggs.

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