How much is a plane ticket from Atlanta to Ghana?

How much is a plane ticket from Ghana to Atlanta?

Cheap Flights from Accra (ACC) to Atlanta (ATL) from $683.

How much is a plane ticket to Ghana from us?

On average you can expect to pay $1,976 for a flight from USA to Ghana. The cheapest flight overall is $508 while the most popular route, (New York John F Kennedy Intl – Accra Kotoka) is currently priced at $775.

How long is a flight from Georgia to Ghana?

The total flight duration from Atlanta, GA to Accra, Ghana is 11 hours, 51 minutes.

How much is a round-trip to Ghana?

Good to know

Low season March Best time to beat the crowds with an average 4% drop in price.
High season December Most popular time to fly with an average 9% increase in price.
Average price round-trip $1,594 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)
Good deal round-trip $909 or less
Good deal one-way $448 or less
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How long is flight from Ghana to Atlanta?

Flight time from Accra to Atlanta, GA is 15 hours 36 minutes.

How much is a plane ticket from Ghana to Georgia?

Flights from Ghana to Georgia from USD 979*

Is Ghana expensive to visit?

Like anywhere abroad, however, Ghana can be expensive for visitors on a budget; keep reading for some top tips to keeps costs down and achieve maximum value for money when you visit Ghana.

How long is a flight from USA to Ghana?

The total flight duration from United States to Ghana is 12 hours, 49 minutes.

Can I fly to Ghana from USA?

Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes. Accra Kotoka International Airport is open for regular international passenger travel. Ghana’s land and sea borders remain closed until further notice.

How much is a flight from Atlanta to Dubai?

Find info about flight duration, direct flights, and airports for your flight from Atlanta to Dubai

Best Price Found $730 The best flight deal from Atlanta to Dubai found on momondo in the last 72 hours is $730
Airports in Dubai 2 airports There are 2 airports near Dubai: Dubai Al Maktoum Intl (DWC), Dubai Intl (DXB)

How long is the flight from Atlanta to West Africa?

The total flight duration from Atlanta, GA to Africa is 14 hours, 9 minutes.

How far is Ghana Africa from Georgia?

Distance from Ghana to Georgia is 8,785 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 5,459 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Ghana and Georgia is 8,785 km= 5,459 miles.

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Do you need a visa to visit Ghana?

All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry visas or, in the case of Commonwealth nationals, entry permits, issued by a Ghana diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or any other visa issuing authority mandated by the Ghana Government to act on its behalf .

How much is Ghana visa fee?

Ghana Consular Fees:

Single Entry Visa (must be used within 3 months from date of issue): $60. Multiple Entry Visa: $100. Single Expedited Visa: $100. Multiple Visa Expedited: $200.

How much does it cost to go to Ghana?

So, a trip to Ghana for two people for one week costs on average GH¢4,026 ($696). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

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