How much is a prospecting Licence in Zimbabwe?

An ordinary Prospecting licence costs $200 and is valid for 2 years and this allows the bearer to prospect in an approved area in the province of the issuing office. A special prospecting licence costs $600 and these allows the holder to prospect in approved areas anywhere in Zimbabwe.

How can I get prospecting license in Zimbabwe?

Procedures Introduction

1.2 Before starting operations the newly registered company should possess a Zimbabwe Investment Authority (Z.I.A) certificate and can then apply for a prospecting license from any Ministry of Mines and Mining Development Offices.

How much is a gold prospecting Licence in Zimbabwe?

A gold jewellery permit is now at $2 500. The permits for explosive and storage licence was set at $500 per year. A permit to acquire and possess explosives will cost $2 500 per year, while to obtain an import and export licence per would cost $5 000 per consignment.

How do I register a gold claim?

To obtain a mineral claim you must:

  1. Attend the Mine Safety Course.
  2. Decide on the type of mineral claim you need.
  3. Choose a suitable area that is available for application.
  4. Mark out the area required and prepare a plan of the area.
  5. Serve notice on all affected landholders.
  6. Mine operator who has completed the course.
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How do I register a mine?

1. Open your internet browser and go to Directorate General of Mines Safety’s official website Click on menu NATIONAL SAFETY AWARD (MINES) and then select “Register/Apply Online for NSA(Mines)-2016”.

How do I buy a mine in Zimbabwe?

One has to identify a site of interest first and apply for a prospecting licence form the Ministry of Mines. The identified site of interest must not be already pegged. If the area of interest is in an farm which is 100ha or less, one has to seek consent of landowner before pegging.

How do I get a gold purchase permit in Zimbabwe?

How to get a gold buying permit in Zimbabwe

  1. Police clearance for individual buyers and for company directors/Agents.
  2. Propose under the current license / make commitment of gold quantities you can buy per month.
  3. For companies, company profile and director’s names and physical addresses.
  4. Passport size photo for the principal licence holder and company directors.


Does Zimbabwe have a lot of gold?

Gold is Zimbabwe’s chief export product, accounting for nearly $1.2 billion in annual forex receipts. Around 50 per cent of the country’s gold production of 33 tonnes come from artisanal miners who deliver the yellow metal to Fidelity Printers and Refiners (FPR), owned by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Is Zimbabwe rich in gold?

Zimbabwe is mineral rich, but the government’s policies have contributed [to] the country [losing] foreign currency, because [the] bulk of the gold is being exported outside the country,” Komberai tells The Africa Report.

Can you buy gold in Zimbabwe?

Gold extracted in Zimbabwe can be sold legally to only one buyer: the central bank-owned Fidelity Printers and Refiners (FPR). Also a minter of notes and coins, FPR has been the sole, legal purchaser of Zimbabwean gold since the country gained independence in 1980.

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How do I get a prospecting claim?

To help you stake and maintain your mining claim for years to come, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Select an Area with the Minerals you are Interested in. …
  2. Check if there is Another Active Claim on the Land. …
  3. Stake Your Mining Claim. …
  4. Plot the Location of your Claim on a Map. …
  5. Fill out the Government Paperwork.


How much does it cost to buy mining rights?

Mineral rights have sold for as high as $40,000 per acre, and usually, the average price can be between $250 and $9,000. If mineral rights buyers and sellers conduct proper due diligence, both parties can negotiate the best mining rights deal and avoid future legal quagmires.

How do I find mining claims?

Mining claims can be located on open public land administered by another federal agency (most commonly on Forest Service land). You may prospect and locate claims and sites on public and NFS land open to mineral entry.

How can I apply for Dgms?

Candidates have to go to the DGMS’s website and click on the option “APPLY ONLINE” which will open a new screen. 2. To register application, for new applicants for First class/ Second Class Examinations choose the tab “CLICK HERE FOR NEW REGISTRATION” and enter Name, Contact details and Email-id.

What is IBM Registration?

In a bid to curb illegal mining of iron ore, the country’s mining regulator IBM has been directed by the ministry of mines to register all mine-holders, traders as well as end users. … The main objective behind the move is to check illegal mining of iron ore and other minerals.

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What is mining GPS?

In open pit mining, accurate GPS and GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) is useful for tasks such as machine guidance, grading, dozing, drilling, collision avoidance, surveying, and fleet management. … GPS can be used in open cut mining operations as long as the satellites can be viewed in a direct line of sight.

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