How much is a ton of soybeans in Nigeria?

A ton of soybeans contains around nine 100kg bags. The current price of 1 ton of soybeans in Nigeria ranges from ₦135,000 to ₦200,000 depending on your location, the seller, and your bargain power.

How much does a ton of soybeans cost?

In 2019, the average price for soybeans stood at 369 nominal U.S. dollars per metric ton.

What is the current market price for soybeans?

Key Data

Label Value
Last 1459.5
Prior Settlement 1448.25
52 Week High 1642.5
52 Week Low 861.25

How many tons of soybeans are in a hectare?

one seed every 3cm when planted on 90cm rows. planting depth – between 2 and 3 cm. And the newly released varieties have yield potential of between 3.0 to about 6.0 tonnes per hectare as compared to old varieties that would yield around 1.5 tonnes.

How many tons of soybeans are in an acre?

The forage yield potential of soybeans can be as high as 4 to 5 tons per acre. However, yields this high are seldom observed in the field, particularly when an emergency decision is made to harvest the soybeans as forage. Yield of soybeans can be maximized by planting early.

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What is the highest soybean price ever?

Historically, Soybeans reached an all time high of 1794.75 in September of 2012.

Where do soybeans grow best?

Soybeans are usually grown in cool, temperate regions like the midwestern United States and southern Canada, but tropical climates like Indonesia also produce soybeans. This crop can grow almost anywhere with a warm growing season, ample water, and sunlight.

Will soybean prices go up in 2020?

The projected rise in soybeans prices is largely attributed to the larger exports volume expected in 2020-21, the USDA said, as the exports are forecast at 59.87 million mt, up 31% year on year. … 10, stood at 53.8 million mt, compared with 18.8 million mt in 2019-20, the USDA’s weekly export data showed.

Why are soybeans so high?

A weaker U.S. dollar this year, combined with dry weather conditions in the U.S. Midwest, strong Chinese demand, the reopening of meat-processing plants, and a “lessening threat” of swine fever in China, have all helped move soybean prices higher, says Klearman.

Why are soybean prices so high?

Climate conditions and high demand drive price increase

Experts in the soybean market like Davis attribute high corn and soybean prices to poor weather conditions in South America and America’s Midwest and increased demand from China. “It’s basic supply and demand,” Davis said.

Do Soybeans need a lot of water?

Soybeans require approximately 15 inches to over 25 inches of water per year depending on planting date, maturity group, location, and weather conditions. … Significant reductions in yield can occur if soybean does not receive enough water to meet ET demands during this critical water use period.

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How much does a farmer make per acre of soybeans?

Soybeans in 2019

For 2019, crop revenue for soybeans was $547 per acre based on a 64 bushel per acre yield and an $8.55 per bushel price. Soybean crop revenue in 2019 includes $10 per acre for ARC/PLC and $82 per acre for MFP payments, the same as for corn.

How many bags of beans do you get per acre?

Yields of up to 10 bags per acre can be obtained but this can be hindered by low rainfall, poor crop management, low fertility, high bean fly incidence and use of inappropriate seed variety. Good quality seeds of the appropriate variety should always be used for high yields.

Can you make money farming 100 acres?

What’s the matter, from farming the IT to farming the land? Yes, you can make productive use of your 100-acre. Make it a hunting ranch by planting some trees and bringing in some animals for guided tour … That’d not be labor intensive, and would be more profitable than farming or ranching.

How much is an acre of hay worth?

Equation: Estimated 4 tons per acre yield of 16% moisture hay at $200 per ton = $800 per acre value for all three cuttings; minus buyer’s cost of harvest and weather risk at $324 per acre assuming three cuttings (Table 1); equals the buyer’s maximum pay price: $476 per acre for three cuttings ($800 – $324 = $476).

Are soybeans more profitable than corn?

Corn and soybean prices have been increased in revised budgets, leading to higher corn and soybean return projections for 2021. In most years, soybeans have been more profitable than corn since 2012. In 2021, soybeans again are projected to be more profitable than corn.

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