How much is agbada in Nigeria?

Style Price
Agbada ₦15000.00
Senator ₦8000.00
Top ₦3000.00
Pants ₦2500.00

How many yards do I need for agbada?

Typically, you will need about 4 – 7 yards to sew a good quality Agbada attire.

What is agbada used for?

Use. Agbada is usually decorated with intricate embroidery, and is worn on special religious or ceremonial occasions, such as the two Islamic Eid festivals, weddings, funerals or for attending the Mosque for Friday prayer. It has become the formal attire of many countries in West Africa.

How should I dress for agbada?

How to wear Agbada the right way….

  1. Do not wear socks with Agbada: Wearing socks with agbada is a total fashion faux pas. …
  2. Wear a gold necklace: …
  3. Do not wear a heavy wrist watch: …
  4. Never wear a ‘lace-up’ shoe with agbada: …
  5. Wear a complimentary head gear:


What material is best for agbada?

The most valued fabric for the ceremonial agbada is the traditionally woven cloth popularly called aso ofi (narrow-band weave) or aso oke (northern weave). The term aso oke reflects the fact that the Oyo Yoruba of the grassland to the north introduced this type of fabric to the southern Yoruba.

Can I wear sandal on agbada?


For all types of natives, you can wear loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, and all other shoes that are not dress shoes (no lace-ups). … You can wear Sandals [Nice Leather Sandals] with your native wears, this especially fits Agbada, Dashiki and Kaftans.

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What clothes do they wear in Nigeria?

Nigerian clothing is usually a loose embroidered or floral top and a pair of slacks or baggy shorts, or wrapper (a sari-like piece of colourful ankle-length cloth wrapped around the waist, for women). They come in a variety of colours, designs and textures – and prices.

What is the traditional clothing in Nigeria?

Agbada is seen as a formal attire which is commonly paired as a 3-piece set; an open-stitched full gown, a long-sleeved shirt, and Sokoto (trousers that are slim along the ankle). Gele is traditionally a garment worn/wrapped around the head.

What’s the meaning of agbada?

Agbada is a four-piece male attire found among the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa. … The outer robe—from which the entire outfit derives the name agbada, meaning “voluminous attire”—is a big, loose-fitting, ankle-length garment.

What is Senator material?

Senator fabric material is wool clothing material that is used in making bespoke men’s designs. This kind of material is mostly used for senator clothing. The styles of senator materials are best made with exclusive 5 Star senator materials.

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