How much is iPad MINI in Nigeria?

Here are prices of the iPad Mini in Nigeria: iPad Mini 16GB (Wi-Fi only) – 65,000 Naira – 72,000 Naira. iPad Mini 16GB (Wi-Fi + 4G/3G) – 89,000 Naira – 97,000 Naira. iPad Mini 32GB (Wi-Fi + 4G/3G) – 106,000 Naira – 117,000 Naira.

How much is Apple iPad in Nigeria?

iPad 3 16GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) – 102,000 Naira – 108,000 Naira. iPad 3 32GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) – 115,000 Naira – 128,000 Naira. iPad 3 64GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) – 120,500 Naira – 130,000 Naira.

What is the price for MINI iPad?

2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Silver

List Price: $399.00 Details
You Save: $30.00 (8%)

Is iPad MINI worth buying in 2020?

With a display size of 7.9 inches, you can’t quite call it pocketable, but the ‌iPad mini‌ is definitely great for having something small on the go that still offers a much larger screen size than even Apple’s largest iPhones.

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What is the lowest price of iPad?

Apple Tablets Price in India 2021

  • ₹ 55,062. ₹55,062 ❯ Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch 64GB. …
  • ₹ 16,099. Apple iPad Mini. Wi-Fi. …
  • ₹ 57,900. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch 256GB. Wi-Fi. …
  • ₹ 24,900. Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) Wi-Fi. …
  • ₹ 46,300. Apple iPad 6 128GB 4G. …
  • ₹ 18,590. Apple iPad Mini 2. …
  • ₹ 19,471. Apple iPad Mini 2 32GB. …
  • ₹ 95,990. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4G 512GB.

How much is iPad 7th generation in Nigeria?

Price Insights for Apple iPad 7th generation

Cheapest price for Apple iPad 7th generation in Nigeria is ₦ 215000 sold at PC Planet.

How much is iPad pro in Naira?

Cheapest price for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch in Nigeria is ₦ 660000 sold at PC Planet.

What’s the best iPad mini to buy?

The latest and greatest iPad mini is the iPad mini 5, and it’s the one to go for if you want the fastest internals, the option of more internal storage, and support for the (first-gen) Apple Pencil.

Will there be an iPad MINI in 2020?

The iPad mini 6 wasn’t unveiled in 2020 as expected, but that doesn’t mean lovers of Apple’s petite tablet will have to wait another four years.

How much will the iPad mini 5 cost?

The $399 iPad mini 5 is almost identical to the 10.5-inch iPad Air that was released alongside it, with the exception of screen size. The iPad mini is Apple’s smallest tablet with a 2048 x 1536 7.9-inch Retina display.

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WHY IS THE iPad MINI so expensive?

The reason the new mini is more expensive than the one year old iPad is the better screen and faster chip. … So the iPad Mini has a laminated display, along with True Tone technology built in, unlike the regular iPad. The iPad has an A10 chip, where as the iPad Mini has an A12 chip.

Who has the best price on iPad MINI?

The cheapest iPad Mini (2019) deals

  • $384.99. View Deal at Amazon.
  • $399. View Deal at Apple.
  • $399.99. View Deal at Best Buy.


What can I do with my old iPad mini?

Cookbook, reader, security camera: Here are 10 creative uses for an old iPad or iPhone

  1. Make it a car dashcam. …
  2. Make it a reader. …
  3. Turn it into a security cam. …
  4. Use it to stay connected. …
  5. See your favorite memories. …
  6. Control your TV. …
  7. Organize and play your music. …
  8. Make it your kitchen companion.

Which iPad should I buy in 2020?

Apple’s standard iPad (the 8th generation of them) is still the best buy for most circumstances. The 2020 version of it has the A12 Bionic chip (which debuted on the 2018 iPhone XS) instead of the years-older A10. That means it will run your favorite apps and games slightly faster and can handle more multitasking.

Why are iPads cheaper on Amazon?

iPad is cheaper on Amazon than in the Apple store

We track price changes of newly introduced iPad models since the Apple shop opened on Amazon. And the rule is that you can save between 3 and 10%, compared to Apple web store.

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How can I buy an iPad at low price?

Which iPad is right for you?

  1. New iPad Pro. From ₹71900* View in AR. Buy. 32.77 cm (12.9”) and 27.96 cm (11”) Liquid Retina XDR display 1 …
  2. iPad Air. From ₹54900* View in AR. Buy. 27.69 cm (10.9”) Liquid Retina display 1 …
  3. iPad. From ₹29900* View in AR. Buy. 25.91 cm (10.2”) …
  4. iPad mini. From ₹34900* Buy. 20.1 cm (7.9”) Retina display.
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