How much is Itel fingerprint phone in Nigeria?

The Itel S41 is a basic Smartphone that is powered by Android and it runs on a 1.25GHz Quad core processor, the S41 is technically a budgeted Smartphone with attractive specs, and also provides an immersive screen display. The itel s41 price in Nigeria, costs around N30k – N40k.

How much is the cheapest fingerprint phone in Nigeria?

Tecno Spark 2 KA7 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition). The smartphone features a rear facing fingerprint scanner and is powered by a quad-core processor with a 3500 mAh battery. Tecno Spark 2 is one of the best affordable Android phones in Nigeria. Price starts at 34,500 Naira.

How much is latest Itel phone in Nigeria?

  • Itel P13 Smartphone. ₦23,100.00. …
  • iTEL 5625 Feature Phone. ₦7,700.00. …
  • iTEL 5606 Feature Phone. ₦5,390.00. …
  • iTEL 5022 Feature Phone. ₦5,390.00. Quickview. …
  • iTEL 2160 Feature Phone. ₦4,400.00. Quickview. …
  • Itel S13 Smartphone. ₦26,950.00. Quickview. …
  • iTEL 5616 Feature Phone. ₦6,600.00. Quickview. …
  • iTEL 5250 Feature Phone. ₦7,150.00. Quickview.
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What is the latest Itel phone in 2020?

itel New Phones in 2020

  • itel P36.
  • itel A56.
  • itel A56 Pro.
  • itel A25 Pro.
  • itel A48.
  • itel A23 2020.
  • itel P36 Play.


How much is Itel S15 in Nigeria now?

The Itel S15 Price in Nigeria is around 30,150 Naira, which is about 60.78 dollars.

Which phone can I buy with 15000 Naira?

7 Cheapest Android Phones Below NGN 15000 in Nigeria

  • Infinix Hot X507 (₦14500) The infinix hot x507 is a really nice Android phone. …
  • Tecno M3 (₦10800) …
  • MTN Sm@rt Mini (₦8950) …
  • MTN Sm@rt S720i (₦10500) …
  • Xtouch X3 Mini (₦12199) …
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (₦14800)

Which phone is the cheapest in Nigeria?

The Following are the Best Cheapest Android Phones in Nigerian Market (2021):

  • Leagoo KIICAA POWER- Android.
  • Infinix Hot 5 Lite.
  • Tecno WX3 LTE.
  • Tecno Spark K7.
  • Gionee P5 Mini.
  • Motorola Moto C.
  • Infinix Hot 5 (X559)


Which is the best iTel phone in Nigeria?

Best iTel Smartphones in Nigeria 2020

  • iTel A56. This is a low-end device from iTel but has a quite large battery. …
  • iTel A33. Want an iTel device with a fingerprint scanner? …
  • iTel P33 Plus. …
  • iTel Prime 4. …
  • iTel S33. …
  • iTel S15 Pro. …
  • iTel P51.

Which fingerprint phone is the cheapest?

Swipe Fablet Sense

Priced at Rs 6,999, Swipe’s Fablet Sense takes the spot as the cheapest smartphone with a fingerprint sensor. Other key features of the handset include a 5.5-inch display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.4.

How much is iTel P36 pro price in Nigeria?

The iTel P36 Pro price in Nigeria starts at around 45,000 Naira in Nigeria which is about $99. In Ghana, it will sell at a price of 600 Ghs and 11,000 Ksh in Kenya.

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What is the best Itel phone now?

  • Itel S42.
  • Itel A23 Pro.
  • Itel Vision 2.
  • Itel A47.
  • Itel Vision 1 Pro.
  • Itel Vision 1.
  • Itel A25.
  • Itel A46.

Which Itel phone is the best?

List Of Best Itel Mobile Phones

Best Itel Mobile Phones Seller Price
itel S21 amazon ₹6000
Itel Wish A41 Plus amazon ₹4350
Itel A44 amazon ₹5400
Itel A44 Power Tatacliq ₹4699

Which is better Itel S15 or A56?

The itel A56 is a slightly cheaper option and has some decent specs to offer you. However, the itel S15 offers a better photography experience, an improved display quality, and more storage space than the A56.

How much is Itel S11 in Nigeria?

Itel S11 is now available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. You can buy the affordable Android phone at leading online stores in the countries. Itel S11 price in Nigeria is expected to range from 25,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira.

How much is Itel S12 in Nigeria?

Pricing and Availability

Itel S12 price in Nigeria is ranges from 22,000 Naira to 30,000 Naira.

How much is S15 now?

The price of the Itel S15 Pro in SLOT is about 36,000 Naira.

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