How much is land title in Uganda?

The fees is broken down as below. Registration Fee – UGX 22,500 (UGX 20,000 in fees + 2,500 bank fee).

How much does it cost to process a land title in Uganda?

Fees paid at the Ministry: Registration fees – 10,000; Assurance of Title – 20,000/=; issuance of the Title – 20,000/=.

How do I get a land title in Uganda?

Process of Buying Land

  1. Site Visit to the Land/Property.
  2. Appoint a Lawyer to help you through whole process.
  3. Land Title Search in the Land Registry Office.
  4. Meet the Owner and Negotiate Prices.
  5. Use a Professional Surveyor to Verify the Land Size.
  6. Preparation of the Sale Agreement.
  7. Payment of land rates.

How do I get a freehold land title in Uganda?

A person who wishes to be granted a freehold shall apply by picking application Form 8 from the District Land Office or Area Land Committee, fill it, and attach 4 passport photos. The Area Land Committee receives the Application and issues a notice for a public hearing concerning ownership of that land using Form 10.

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How do I get a certificate of title in Uganda?

The Applicant must have in his/her possession an application for a Special Title, Statutory declaration attached to application duly filled, signed by the applicant and witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths and two Passport photographs of the person requesting for the Special Certificate of Title.

How long does it take to get a land title in Uganda?

Processing time may be three (3) to four (4) weeks; however when the new digitalized process of the lands office is completed, chasing a land title will be taking minutes instead of weeks.

Where is the cheapest land in Uganda?

Gayaza (Ziroobwe)

The price of land is between 5,000,000Ugx – 10,000,000Ugx for 50 by 100 plots of land, this makes it one of the most affordable places to buy land. Zirobwe is found in Luwero district and is approximately 75 kilometers from Kampala which makes it a convenient yet affordable.

Who can own land in Uganda?

The 1995 Constitution grants land ownership rights solely to citizens of Uganda. Foreigners cannot own land freehold. They may, however, obtain leases for 49 or 99 years. Foreign investors, individual or corporate, cannot acquire land for the purpose of crop or animal production.

What is a free hold land in Uganda?

The 1998 Uganda Land Act defines ‘freehold tenure’ as a land tenure that develops its legitimacy from the Constitution and the written law. Freehold tenure might comprise of a grant of land ownership in eternity. The Land Act specifies that the freehold land holder has full powers of ownership over it.

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How can I get a free hold?

To qualify to buy the freehold, generally you need: At least two flats in the building, a lease longer than 21 years and for at least 50% of leaseholders to take part. You’ll need to be willing to take on some responsibility for your buildings’ management.

How can I check my land title in Uganda?

Land Title Verification

  1. Physical Address. The Investment Centre First Floor, Twed Plaza Plot 22B Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.
  2. Phone and Email. Call Centre: +256 206 300968. Toll Free: +256 800 300 336/366. Front Office: +256 417 788 300. WhatsApp: +256 750 306 880. Email:
  3. Post Mail. P.O Box 7418 Kampala, Uganda.

How land is owned in Uganda?

There are presently four types of land tenure systems in Uganda; customary, mailo, freehold and leasehold. … Under customary systems, land is owned and disposed of under customary regulations. The land can be owned by an individual, a family or a community, and is the most dominant system in Uganda.

How do you know if a land title is real?

  1. Check the Paper Material. One of the first things you can check to immediately spot a fake title is the physical appearance of the paper. …
  2. Check the Copies. …
  3. Check the Serial Number. …
  4. Check the Dates. …
  5. Check the Title and Seal. …
  6. Check the Title Number. …
  7. Check the Reconstituted Tags. …
  8. Check the Register of Deeds.

How do I find land in Uganda?

  1. Make a written Request for a search addressed to the Commissioner, Land. Registration giving the description of the Land:
  2. The application is presented to the Office of Commissioner Land Registration. …
  3. The bearer pays that amount in the bank and obtains a receipt that is presented to the Land Office. …
  4. 7096 Kampala, Uganda.
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What is a special certificate of title?

A special title is certificate of land title issued to the registered proprietor by registrar where his/her/their copy /duplicate (owners) is lost, damaged or ordered by court. Attach two passport photographs of the person applying for the Special Certificate of Title.

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