How much is pop in Nigeria now?


How much does pop cost in Nigeria?

Cost of POP Ceiling in Nigeria

Factors like transportation costs, season, and location of the site can influence the cost. Most contractors charge between N3,000 – N5,000 per meter square for a POP ceiling. Depending on the size of the room, you could be spending as much as N50,000 just to get the whole room covered.

What is the price of pop?

Pmw – Plaster Of Paris – Gypsum Powder – POP – 1 KG – Loose Packed

M.R.P.: ₹ 349.00
Price: ₹ 249.00
You Save: ₹ 100.00 (29%)
Inclusive of all taxes

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria 2020?

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria? As of present, the retail price of cement in Nigeria is ₦3,950 — ₦4,200 per bag, depending on brand, location, and other factors. And the wholesale price (600 bags) is ₦2,300,000 to ₦2,400,000, depending on the manufacturer.

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How much is white cement in Nigeria?

Showing prices in Lagos, Abuja states

state Price vendors
lagos ₦9,500 vendors
abuja ₦9,500 vendors

Is white cement same as pop?

Made from Gypsum, Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder that is used for giving fresh coats to the walls, giving shapes to structure, or creating casts, and likewise. … The wall putty color is also white, as it is derived from the white cement, which allows us to apply any paint combination on the wall.

What is pop material?

P OP material (point of purchase, POS, posm, point of sale, in store, …) is the collective name for all sales marketing communication tools that support or orient purchase in a physical retail space, where they influence shoppers.

Which brand pop is best?

Top 5 False Ceiling Brands In India

  1. Gyproc by Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain is the parent company of Gyproc, which is started almost 100 years ago. …
  2. Armstrong. Armstrong World Industries (AWI) is also a market leader in residential and commercial false ceiling manufacturing. …
  3. SHERA. …
  4. USG Boral. …
  5. Gypcore.


Which is better gypsum or pop?

Installing gypsum plasterboard is a faster process that is clean, much more efficient and healthier due to the less residue and dust arising as part of the process. Gypsum plasterboard has more strength as compared to POP.

Who is Prince of Pop?

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been referred to as the “Prince of Pop” and “King of Teen Pop”.

Which cement is the best in Nigeria?

Dangote Cement which started production and manufacturing of cemented in 2007 in Nigeria is regarded as the best Cement in Nigeria.

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Why is cement so expensive in Nigeria?

These factors that include: High maintenance costs of manufacturing machines, high distribution costs of the product, erratic power supply which calls for expensive alternative power sources and the ever changing government policies; put manufacturers in tough spots when it comes to pricing their products.

How many blocks can a bag of cement lay?

1 bag of a good cement can lay approximately 70 to 80 blocks Other cement below the strength of 32.0 will lay between 45 and 50 blocks, that is, not compromising the standard.

Which is the best white cement?

Birla White, the leading white cement brand in India, has positioned itself as the “Whitest White Cement”.

Where can I use white cement?

White Portland cement is used in combination with white aggregates to produce white concrete for prestige construction projects and decorative work. White concrete usually takes the form of pre-cast cladding panels, since it is not economical to use white cement for structural purposes.

How much is Screeding per square Metre in Nigeria?

Nowadays, this can be achieved by one of the most popular techniques of POP Wall Screeding used everywhere in Nigeria.

How much does it cost to screed a room?

Area to be screeded Price Ranges per square meter
Indoor and Outdoor wall screedings ₦ 500 – ₦ 800
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