How much is RX300 in Nigeria?

Nigerian used Lexus RX 300 2000 costs ₦1,300,000 – ₦2,100,000.

How much does Lexus RX300 cost?

Lexus RX300 Price in Nigeria

No. Model years Tokunbo prices
1 Lexus RX300 2002 ₦2,550,000 – ₦2,650,000
2 Lexus RX300 2003 ₦2,600,000

How much is Lexus rx330 in Nigeria?

Foreign used Lexus RX 330 price in Nigeria

Model Price in Nigerian naira
Tokunbo Lexus RX 330 2013 ₦7.2 million – ₦10 million
Tokunbo Lexus RX 330 2014 ₦8.5 million – ₦12 million
Tokunbo Lexus RX 330 2015 ₦10 million – ₦13.5 million
Tokunbo Lexus RX 330 2016 ₦11.5 million – ₦15 million

What year is RX300?

First generation (XU10; 1998)

First generation (XU10)
Pre-facelift Lexus RX 300 (US)
Also called Toyota Harrier (Japan)
Production December 1997 – January 2003 (Toyota Harrier) January 1998 – January 2003 (Lexus RX)

What is the price of Lexus RX 350 in Nigeria?

Updated Lexus RX 350 price in Nigeria

The price of Lexus RX 350 in Nigeria ranges from ₦5,100,000 to ₦10,700,000.

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Is Lexus RX300 a good car?

The Lexus RX300 is a very comfortable and reliable car. I even enjoy doing driving errands in this car. Mileage per gallon is good for a SUV.

Is Lexus 300 a good car?

2021 Lexus NX Review

The 2021 Lexus NX 300 ranks near the bottom of the luxury compact SUV class. The NX offers a high-end and comfortable interior with lots of standard safety features, but it also has middling performance and a frustrating infotainment system.

How much is Lexus car in Nigeria?

Updated Lexus Price of an in Nigeria

No. Brand models Nigerian-used prices
1 Lexus RS ₦800,000 – ₦23,500,000
2 Lexus ES ₦1,420,000 – ₦26,000,000
3 Lexus GX ₦2,200,000 – ₦34,000,000
4 Lexus IS ₦2,200,000- ₦10,000,000

How much is Corolla S in Nigeria?

Updated Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria

The Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria ranges from ₦600,000 to ₦20,500,000.

How much does BENZ cost in Nigeria?

Price of Mercedes Benz GLE Class in Nigeria

Brand new Mercedes Benz GLE350 or ML350 range from 18 million naira to 36 million naira. Tokunbo Mercedes Benz GLE350 or ML350 ranges from 3 million naira to 20 million naira, depending on the model year.

What does Lexus ES stand for?

The Lexus ES (Japanese: レクサス・ES, Rekusasu ES) is a series of mid-size executive cars sold by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota since 1989. … The ES name stands for “Executive Sedan”. However, some Lexus importers use the backronymic name, “Elegant Sedan”.

What does Lexus IS stand for?

Lexus model name: IS

Since the arrival of the IS 200 in 1999, the Lexus IS range has always combined traditional Lexus qualities in a smaller, more mechanically dynamic package aimed at younger customers. Fittingly, IS stands for Intelligent Sports.

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Is Lexus owned by Toyota?

Is Lexus Owned by Toyota? Toyota does own the Lexus lineup, but the two brands operate independently with headquarters in separate cities.

How much is Toyota Venza in Nigeria?

Toyota Venza for sale: Versions & Fuel Economy

S/N Version Name Brand New Price
1. Toyota Venza LE ₦9,00,000-₦11,000,000
2. Toyota Venza XLE ₦9,00,000-₦12,000,000
3. Toyota Venza Limited ₦10,00,000-₦13,000,000

How much is Acura ZDX in Nigeria?

Acura ZDX: Versions & Fuel Economy

S/N Version Name Brand New Price
1 Acura ZDX ₦7000000 – ₦10000000

How much is Toyota Highlander in Nigeria?

Toyota Highlander: Price in Nigeria

S/N Brand Model Tokunbo Price
7. Toyota Highlander 2006 price in Nigeria ₦3,800,000 – ₦3,800,000
8. Toyota Highlander 2017 ₦1 7,500,000 – ₦18,000,000
9. Tokunbo Toyota Highlander 2015 ₦8,500,000- ₦11,500,000
10 Toyota Highlander 2016 price in Nigeria ₦9,800,000- ₦12,000,000
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