How much is satin paint in Nigeria?

How much does satin paint cost in Nigeria?

Price – N32,203

One of the Nigerian leading paint manufacturers of protective, decorative, marine and industrial markets.

How much is Dulux satin paint in Nigeria?

Types of Dulux Paints and Prices in Nigeria

White 4L 6131
Light Colour 4L 5601
Deep Colour 4L 6449

How much is a gallon of satin paint?

On the low end, a gallon of paint costs as little as $20. High – end paint can set you back as much as $100 per gallon and up.

How much does paint cost?

Paint Type Average Cost/Gallon
Eggshell $24 – 40
Satin $29 – 42
Semi-Gloss $33 – 56
High Gloss $30 – 120

How much is President satin paint in Nigeria?

Price -17,000 – See current price

Seven years is guaranteed on interior usage and four year on exterior usage.

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Which is the best paint in Nigeria?

15 Best Paint Companies in Nigeria

  • DULUX PAINTS: This company is a flagship brand of the premium segment of CAP plc and is a leading company in the production of top quality decorative paint. …
  • BERGER PAINTS NIGERIA: Is another leading company in the production of top quality paint in Nigeria.


How much do I need to paint a room in Nigeria?

Painters usually charge from NGN8, 000 to NGN15, 000 on average for labour cost. Putting all these together, you should be spending about NGN35, 000 to get your two-bedroom flat painted successfully.

What is the best satin paint?

The best satinwood paint to buy

  1. Crown Solo One Coat Satin Paint: The best one coat satinwood paint. …
  2. Johnstone’s Aqua Satin: The best satinwood paint for colour choice. …
  3. Leyland Trade Satinwood: The best cheap satinwood paint. …
  4. Dulux Quick-Dry Satinwood Paint: The best quick-dry satinwood paint.

Is satin paint shiny?

Satin finishes have a beautiful luster that is often described as appearing velvety. Satin is slightly less lustrous than semi-gloss, and can appear to be both flat and glossy, depending on the lighting in the room. … Satin paint can easily be cleaned, though it can lose its sheen if scrubbed too roughly.

How much is Screeding paint in Nigeria?

This is the current cost of Screeding paint in Nigeria. The price of 20 litres bucket of Screeding paint in Nigeria cost between N8500 to N11,000 depending on the brand.

Is satin paint the same as eggshell?

Often confused with other finishes, the difference between eggshell and satin paint is that satin delivers a higher gloss, while offering better stain resistance and durability than lower sheens, including eggshell. Satin paint is ideal for areas that crave definition.

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Why is gloss paint so expensive?

Getting to Know Gloss

More expensive paint has higher-quality resins, which is useful for a variety of finishes. Satin or eggshell paints, used on interior walls, covers smudges and stains. … Look for paints labeled “100 percent acrylic” as your clue that quality resins were used in the manufacturing of the paint.

Where can you use satin paint?

Satin: Satin finish paint has a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss. It is most often used for windows, doors, trim, or ceilings, but it can also be used as wall paint. This is particularly suitable for kids’ room walls, kitchens, or bathrooms, or in areas that get a lot of traffic.

How much is matt paint in Nigeria?

Showing prices in Lagos state

state Price Market Price info
lagos ₦18,500 Price is stable at ₦18,500

How much is oil paint in Nigeria?

Showing prices in Rivers, Abuja, Abia, Lagos, Imo, Anambra states

state Price Market Price info
Abuja ₦5,200 Price is stable at ₦5,200
Abia ₦5,000 Price is stable at ₦5,000
Lagos ₦5,000 Price is stable at ₦5,000
Imo ₦5,000 Price is stable at ₦5,000

How much is silk paint in Nigeria?

Showing prices in Lagos, Abuja states

state Price Market Price info
lagos ₦29,500 Price is stable at ₦29,500
abuja ₦29,500 Price is stable at ₦29,500
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