How much is Ssnit contribution in Ghana?

Minimum contribution rate – 18.5% of the approved monthly minimum wage (13.5% – SSNIT 1st Tier; 5% – 2nd Tier). Maximum Contribution – a maximum amount will be determined by SSNIT in consultation with the NPRA periodically. Currently, the maximum contribution is on a salary of GH¢25,000.00.

What percentage is paid to Ssnit?


EMPLOYER 13.0% of basic salary 12.5%
WORKER 5.5% of basic salary 5.0%
TOTAL 18.5% of basic salary 17.5%

How does Ssnit work in Ghana?

The primary responsibility of SSNIT is to replace part of lost income of workers in Ghana. Therefore the TRUST is mandated by law to; Operate the Basic Social Security Scheme which is the 1st tier. Ensure general administration of the Social Security Scheme and Regulations.

How much do pensioners receive in Ghana?

The minimum monthly old-age pension is 300 cedi. The maximum annual old-age pension is 60% of the insured’s average annual earnings in the highest three years of earnings. Early pension: From 60% (age 55) to 90% (age 59) of the old-age pension is paid.

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What is the minimum pension in Ghana?

The minimum monthly pension is 276 cedi. The workers who are at 55 years or above at the time of commencement of pension scheme are exempt from joining the new Pension schemes. Longer contributions lead to increase in the pension. Early pension ranges from 60% (age 55) to 90% (age 59) of the full pension.

Is Ssnit calculated on basic salary?

Ensure all employees are registered under the Scheme. Make regular contributions on behalf of the workers to SSNIT. Deduct 5.5% of the workers salary every month and add 13% of worker’s basic salary to make 18.5%. Out of the 18.5% the employer is to remit 13.5% to the Trust within 14 days of the ensuing month.

What is a Tier 2 pension?

Tier 2 is a “defined benefit” plan that provides pension benefits based upon final pay and years of service. This plan provides service, disability, and survivor pension benefits as well as retiree health insurance subsidies to eligible sworn members and certain qualified survivors.

What is the salary of a degree holder in Ghana?

Top Ghana Graduates & Alumni Salaries – By Degree

Degree Average Salary Salary Comparison
MBA $54,000 54000.0
Bachelor of Science $44,000 44000.0
Bachelor of Arts $40,000 40000.0

What is the minimum wage in Ghana?

Another important feature of Ghana’s minimum wage is its comprehensiveness. The minimum wage covers all workers in all sectors of the economy. However, despite the annual adjustment, Ghana’s minimum wage is notionally a very low wage. The minimum wage has remained around US$2.00 a day over the last decade.

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How is Ghana pension calculated?


Multiply your best 36 months (3 years) average salary by your “pension right”. The Pension Right is 2.5% for each year of contribution for the first 15 years and 1.125% for every additional year up to a maximum of 60.0%.

What is the minimum pension in UK?

Your new State Pension will be about £102.62 per week. Your new State Pension is more likely to be calculated in this way if you were born after the year 2000 or became a resident of the UK after 2015.

What is the retirement age in Ghana Immigration Service?

We believe that the intent of the amendment is to restrict self-employed persons who are older than the statutory retirement age of 60 years from joining a personal pension scheme.

What is the UK retirement age?

Changes under the Pensions Act 2011

Under the Pensions Act 2011, women’s State Pension age will increase more quickly to 65 between April 2016 and November 2018. From December 2018 the State Pension age for both men and women will start to increase to reach 66 by October 2020.

What is the law on retirement age?

The retirement age will increase from 65 to 67 over a 22-year period, with an 11-year hiatus at which the retirement age will remain at 66. The original Social Security Act of 1935 set the minimum age for receiving full retirement benefits at 65.

What is the three tier pension scheme in Ghana?

In 2009, Ghana introduced a three-tier pension policy comprising a mixture of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) social insurance and private pension plans in the form of individual accounts.

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Can I withdraw my Ssnit contribution?

No. A member cannot withdraw part of his contribution because again it is not a saving scheme. The contributions have to be made over a period of time and invested to enable the scheme pay out the benefits guaranteed under the scheme.

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