Is forex trading illegal in Nigeria?

Forex trading is legal in Nigeria if you have a broker that is licensed to do so and if the person simply trades for themselves. In most countries around the world, the foreign exchange market is regulated. Regulations are put in place to protect traders.

How can I trade forex in Nigeria?

Get Started with Forex in Nigeria

  1. Get an online connection. You can get connected to a forex broker through any online device, but it’s usually good to trade primarily from a home office. …
  2. Pick a reputable broker. …
  3. Open your account. …
  4. Fund yourself. …
  5. Install your trading platform. …
  6. Profit.


Do Forex traders pay tax in Nigeria?

Trader Must Pay Tax On Earnings

In Nigeria, all profits from Forex trading are classified as Capital Gains and are taxed at 10% of the gross. It is a common misperception that traders don’t need to pay income tax on profits made in offshore trading accounts.

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Is Forex trading profitable in Nigeria?

Is Forex Trading Profitable in Nigeria; another yes. Trading forex in Nigeria either part-time or full-time is profitable as long as you are; trained, equipped with the best trading tools, and trading with tested winning trading strategies.

How much does it cost to learn forex in Nigeria?

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Forex in Nigeria? It costs approximately $300 (115,000 Naira) to learn forex in Nigeria. This is assuming that you choose to learn forex from one of the many academies in the country. If you think that the cost of forex training in Lagos is high, just consider the alternative.

Which forex broker is the best in Nigeria?

Top 10 Forex Brokers In Nigeria

  • FXTM – Nigerian Naira (NGN) Funding.
  • IC Markets – Lowest Spread Nigerian Broker.
  • HotForex – Best High Leverage Forex Broker.
  • AvaTrade – Best Fixed Spread Trading Account.
  • OANDA – Most Regulated Broker (FCA, ASIC)
  • Plus500 – Best Forex Demo Account.
  • OctaFX – Top Nigerian Islamic Account.

Do you need a bank account for forex?

The requirements for opening a Forex account have become simpler since the growth of online Forex trading. Today, opening a Forex account is almost as simple as opening a bank account. … You’ll also need to provide an ID, and the minimum deposit your Forex account institution requires. That’s it.

It is legal to trade Forex in South Africa as the South African Government doesn’t have any laws governing the legality. … Trading Forex is legal as long as you abide by financial laws that prevent money laundering(2) and you declare your income tax.

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Is foreign exchange gain taxable in Nigeria?

13.2 Exchange difference on settlement of monetary item is a realised exchange difference, the loss shall be allowed while the gain is taxable under CITA. 13.3 Any form of unrealised gains or loss arising from foreign currency translation shall be disallowed for tax purposes.

What is a foreign exchange tax?

The Internal Revenue Service taxes foreign currencies at their value in dollars, which can create recordkeeping and exchange challenges. You may have to pay taxes on gains if you make a profit on exchanging currencies. You must keep detailed records and note the exchange rates used in case you are audited by the IRS.

Can I learn forex on my own?

Individual training

Almost every forex broker can teach forex trading basics. You can also ask an individual trader to teach you to trade forex.

How much can I start with forex in Nigeria?

Start with Low Capital: You can start trading in the forex market with as low as NGN 1000, as brokers these days have very low minimum deposit & very high leverage. But it is highly recommended that you only start trading with a capital of atleast ₦50,000 & never risk more than 5% of your capital on a single trade.

How do I start forex trading for beginners?

Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

  1. Know the Markets. We cannot overstate the importance of educating yourself on the forex market. …
  2. Make a Plan and Stick to It. …
  3. Practice. …
  4. Forecast the “Weather Conditions” of the Market. …
  5. Know Your Limits. …
  6. Know Where to Stop Along the Way. …
  7. Check Your Emotions at the Door. …
  8. Keep It Slow and Steady.
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What time does forex market open in Nigeria?

For example: The London Session is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Nigerian time) – & the New York Session Opens at 2:00 PM .

Forex Market Hours in Nigerian time Zone (Trading Sessions)

Trading Session Nigerian Time (GMT +1)
Asian Session 12:00 AM to 09:00 AM

Is forex trading a gambling?

Is Forex trading like gambling? No, in the sense that in gambling the odds are slightly against you or even, while good Forex traders know how to trade when the odds are on their side. Yes, in the sense that any single trade might end in a loss.

How much does Forex training cost?

With a relative fee, a broker may charge $1 per $100,000 of a currency pairing that is bought or sold. If a trader buys $1,000,000 EURUSD, the broker receives $10 as a commission. If a trader buys $10,000,000 the broker receives $100 as a commission.

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