Is Funke a Yoruba name?

Olufunke (sometimes shortened as Funke) is a Yoruba given name. Notable people include: Fatimat Olufunke Raji-Rasaki Nigerian politician and former civil servant.

What does Funke mean in Yoruba?

Funke is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe. The full name is “Olufunke” and it means “God has given me someone to care for”

What nationality is Funke?

Funke is a family name of German origin.

What does Funke mean?

The feminine name Funke has an African origin and means “God gives me to be loved”. While the name Bucknow is commonly used as a surname that is added after the name or even the middle name to be another family name, typically used for males in a tribe in Nigeria, or in Ghana languages.

What is your name in Yoruba?

what is your name? ki ‘ni oruko re?

How do you greet someone in Yoruba?

Ẹ n lẹ (en-le): Hello

The tradition of the Yoruba people places much emphasis on greetings generally – it’s a very significant part of their culture, especially when addressing older people. The women kneel down to greet, while the men lay flat on the ground facing downwards. Ẹ n lẹ means hello in this part of Nigeria.

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What does Lola mean in Yoruba?

Lola-pride and wealth”. … A submission from Nigeria says the name Omolola means “Wealth child” and is of Yoruba origin.

How is Funke pronounced?

Pronounce Names

Pronunciation: F OO N k e
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Type of Name: Last Name
Origin: German
Meaning: Spark, Glimmer, Glow

Is Funky a bad word?

funky adjective (BAD)

having a bad smell or appearance: The sour cream smells kind of funky.

What does Ola mean in Nigerian?

“Ola” is a Yoruba name element which now* appears to most often be given the meaning “wealth”, but whose traditional meaning** is “honor (esteem)” or “wealth”.

What does Tayo mean in Nigeria?

Tayo is a Yoruba name for boys meaning Happiness;Joy.

What does Olosho mean in Yoruba?

Olosho. (Yoruba) 797 up 647 down. Definition: slang. A lady who engages in the act of having sex in exchange for money or material things.

Is Yoruba easy to learn?

Yoruba is a Language of over 30 million people. Yoruba language is used in different parts of the world, not only Nigeria as some people think! lol Yoruba is a tonal language, which makes it much more difficult to learn than other languages. … this is what makes it difficult for people to learn.

How do you say 18 in Yoruba?

This page is based on MOTHERLAND NIGERIA and an e-mail from Abiola Lapite.

The Number System of Yoruba.

Number Reading Meaning
18 mejidilogun 2 from 20
19 mokandilogun 1 from 20
20 ogun 20
21 mokanlelogun 1 and 20
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