Is groundnut grown in Nigeria?

Nigeria is the largest groundnut producing country in West Africa, accounting for 51% of production in the region. … Groundnut is a major source of edible oil as well as livelihoods for small-scale farmers in Northern Nigeria. Being a labor-intensive crop, it generates employment for the rural poor.

What month is groundnut harvested in Nigeria?

It is a rainforest and savannah crop and Nigeria is one of the major producers of groundnut in West Africa other countries are; Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Mali etc. Groundnut can be grown twice a year during the early rains (March-April), late planting (August-September).

Who is the largest producer of groundnut?

As of 2018, China was the largest producer of peanuts worldwide, holding an estimated 40 percent share of global production. India ranked second that year, producing about 15 percent of the world’s peanuts.

How lucrative is groundnut farming in Nigeria?

Nonetheless, groundnut farming is still lucrative in the country and you can generate as much as 5 metric tonnes per hectare of land.

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Where is groundnut produced?

China and India together are the world’s leading groundnut producers accounting for nearly 60 percent of the production and 52 percent of the crop area. India cultivates about 7.74 million hectares and produces 7.61 million tonnes of groundnut with the productivity level of 991.8 kg ha-1.

How many months does it take groundnut to grow?

It takes only about three months for groundnut to mature.

What month do you plant groundnuts?

There are two peanut growing seasons in India: kharif and rabi. The kharif season accounts for about 85 percent of the total. The kharif crop is typically planted in late June and harvested in late October, and grown primarily in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Which state is largest producer of groundnut?

Gujarat is the largest producing state accounting for 40% of total groundnut produced in the country.

Which is the second largest producer of groundnut?

Andhra Pradesh is the second largest producer of Groundnut.

Which country produces the best peanuts?

Their annual peanut production is estimated in metric tons.


Rank Country Production (Million Metric Tons)
1. China 18.7
2. India 6.8
3. USA 4.1
4. Nigeria 3.8

How much is a bag of groundnut in Nigeria?

So, the price for a bag of groundnut in Nigeria currently stands at N25,000, it may change with time.

How many bags of groundnuts make an acre?

An acre produces between 3-8 bags and takes three months to harvest.

Where is the famous groundnut pyramid in Nigeria?

The groundnut pyramids used to be conspicuous in Kano city of Kano State (northern Nigeria) and proudly pointed out to visitors. The huge piles of sacks that tapered to a point higher than most of the buildings, were a symbol of northern Nigeria’s abundance in an important cash crop.

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Which soil is best for growing groundnut?

Groundnut plants need well drained sandy loam or clay loam soil for better performance. The soil should be deep and the pH of the soil should be around 5.5 to 7 with high fertility index. It is observed that heavy soil is unsuitable for cultivation because of difficulty in harvesting and pod loss.

How many groundnuts does a plant produce?

Pods should be separated from the plant and dry the pods enough until achieving 9 % moisture content. Farmer can get a yield of around 12-15 quintals by using quality seed material.

Which state is groundnut mostly grown in Nigeria?

Groundnut is mainly grown in the northern part of Nigeria, West Africa in large quantities compared to other regions of the country. The below-listed states account for about 83-88% of the production, and they are; Kano, Kaduna, Taraba, Bauchi, Bornu, and Adamawa.

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