Is MoneyGram working in Uganda?

MoneyGram has an extensive presence in Uganda, providing a key remittance bridge for Ugandan diaspora communities in Africa, Canada, U.S., U.K., Middle East and Western Europe.

Which banks use MoneyGram in Uganda?

MoneyGram Kampala

Name: Phone: Country:
abc capital bank ltd – kikuubo kikuubo lane, kampala Uganda
abc capital bank ltd – arua park arua park, kampala Uganda
bank of africa mukwano cnetre plot 40 46 ben kiwanuka street, kampala Uganda

How do I receive money from MoneyGram in Uganda?

With thousands of agent locations worldwide, it’s easy to receive money from a location near you.

  1. Find a location. Find a MoneyGram agent location near you.
  2. Complete the form, if applicable. If required, complete a simple receive form entering the reference number given to you by the sender.
  3. Receive your funds.

Does Stanbic Bank have MoneyGram?

How to send money via MoneyGram money transfer?


Agent Work time
STANBIC BANK UGANDA, ARUA Address: ARUA CURRECY CENTRE ARUA Phone: 52 25647620004 Monday: 08:30 – 16:00 Tuesday: 08:30 – 16:00 Wednesday: 08:30 – 16:00 Thursday: 08:30 – 16:00 Friday: 08:30 – 16:00 Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00 Sunday: Closed
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How do I receive money through Money Gram?

How to receive money

  1. Ask for the reference number associated with your transfer. The person sending you the money transfer will have the reference number.
  2. Visit a MoneyGram location. …
  3. Complete the receiver form at the location and hand the completed form to the MoneyGram agent to receive your money.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send $100?

Western Union vs. MoneyGram Money Transfers

Destination/Service Western Union $100 MoneyGram $100
United States (New York or California) $9 $7.99
Australia $11 $10
Brazil (Sao Paulo) $6 $5
Canada (Toronto) $7.99 $7.99

How do I receive money from MoneyGram to my bank account?

Select your preferred online payment option – directly from your bank account, debit or credit card2. Then, choose the ‘Direct to Bank Account’ or ‘Account Deposit’ receive method. You will need your recipient’s full legal name and bank account information. Review & send!

Which bank does MoneyGram?

With MoneyGram from FNB it’s easier than ever to send and receive money. It’s quick, easy and safe to get cash to your friends and family around the world; and available to anyone with an FNB account. You can do a MoneyGram transaction at any FNB Branch, FNB ATM or via FNB Cellphone Banking.

How much is MoneyGram sending fee?

MoneyGram fees range from $1.99 if no debit or credit card is used. Xoom charges $5.99 for transactions up to $999, and $9.99 for transactions over that amount. Online platforms aren’t the only way to transfer money and you can turn to other more affordable options.

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Does Centenary Bank Uganda have MoneyGram?

With 1.8 million consumers and a network of 74 branches and 181 ATMs countrywide, Centenary Bank is the second largest bank in Uganda. … Fabian Kasi, the bank’s Managing Director said: “MoneyGram is amongst the most reputable remittance services globally.

Does Absa do MoneyGram?

“Western Union transfers are near instant and a beneficiary can have access to their funds within 15 minutes of the remitter sending it,” says Omar Baig, Head Transactional Banking, Everyday Banking, RBB SA, Absa Group. … With FNB, MoneyGram can be accessed in branch, or via FNB ATMs and cellphone banking.

How does MoneyGram work Standard Bank?

We’re here to make it quick and easy with MoneyGram. … You can seamlessly send currency across continents with MoneyGram, and within 10 minutes*, the cash can be accessed. Plus, you don’t even need a bank account, and the funds can be placed straight into a digital wallet.

How does MoneyGram work from FNB?

How to do a MoneyGram Send/Receive transaction via FNB App. Your beneficiaries will receive the money in the perferred currency of the country they reside/live within minutes. With the FNB App, you can choose to send money to a bank account, a mobile money wallet or send money for collection at an agent.

How does MoneyGram cash pickup work?

Hand the receive form and your valid photo ID to the person at the counter to receive your money.

  1. Fast. Your money is available for pick up in minutes* or sent to your bank account the same day.
  2. Convenient.
  3. Reliable.
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Can I transfer money from MoneyGram to my bank account?

MoneyGram allows you to send money directly to a bank account or mobile wallet in select countries. To find out if you can send money to your receiver’s bank account or mobile wallet, start sending money or estimate fees from the home page, and select “Account Deposit” as your receive option.

How does MoneyGram verify identity?

To complete the identity verification step in the money transfer process, MoneyGram customers simply take a picture of their passport or other identity document using their mobile device camera. Mobile Verify then uses advanced machine learning technology to instantly validate the authenticity of the ID.

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