Is there a train in Egypt?

Egyptian Railways are the most comfortable way to travel between Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Port Said & Suez. The views from the train are wonderful, especially along the Nile amongst the fields and palm trees, and the train journeys give you an insight into the country.

Can tourists use trains in Egypt?

Tickets are sold here, and they have a useful information office. Note that tourists are not officially allowed to travel on non-tourist-class trains to Upper Egypt. … On shorter trips, there is usually a snack and hot-drink trolley.

How do I buy a train ticket in Egypt?

Four ways to book train tickets in Egypt

  4. BOARD & BUY ON THE TRAIN (except for the night sleeper train)


How many railways are in Egypt?

The total number of stations is 705. major, sub and medium -stations, Including: Main stations number 22. Central stations number 59.

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How much is a train ticket from Cairo to Alexandria?

Alternatively, Egyptian Railways operates a train from Cairo to Alexandria hourly. Tickets cost $1 – $5 and the journey takes 4h 40m.

What kind of transportation does Egypt have?

The Ministry of Transportation and other government bodies are responsible for transportation in Egypt, whether by sea, river, land or air. With regards to rail, air and waterway travel, the main line of the nation’s rail system follows along the Nile river and is operated by Egyptian National Railways.

How long is the train ride from Cairo to Luxor?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Cairo and arriving at Luxor. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 9h 45m.

Is Egypt safe to visit?

Do not travel to Egypt due to COVID-19. Reconsider travel due to terrorism, and do not travel to the Sinai Peninsula (with the exception of travel to Sharm El-Sheikh by air) and the Western Desert due to terrorism, and Egyptian border areas due to military zones.

How much is the sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan?

The authority runs three trains per day between Cairo-Aswan and Alexandria-Aswan in the summer. This service depends on the transfer of sleeping cabins and not seats, while the price for one-sleeping bed range between LE270 and LE600.

How many days do you need in Cairo?

So bottom line is give Cairo at least 2 days and Luxor at least one additional day if not 2. So that’s 2-4 days total for doing Egypt as an add-on when you’re already in the region. Now, for those who are flying across the ocean to visit Egypt, you’ll want to stay a little longer.

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Who built the railway in Egypt?

According to the deal, Robert Stephenson was contracted by the Egyptian government to build a single railroad line between Alexandria and Cairo, and at a later stage, extend it to Suez. Imagine a trip in which you could relive a 1920s railroad journey to one of Egypt’s numerous historic and touristic destinations.

When was the first train in Egypt?

The first railway in Egypt and the first on the African continent was begun between Alexandria and Cairo in 1852 and opened throughout in 1856. To-day the State Railways have a system that possesses some 642 locomotives, 1,579 carriages 14,339 wagons, and numerous other vehicles.

Is Alexandria worth visiting?

If you happen to find yourself in Cairo and have one more day to spare, Alexandria in Egypt is worth a visit. Unlike Giza, it does not have momentous monuments like the Pyramids to show for, but it does have a great waterfront view, and is a refuge from the chaos of downtown Cairo.

How many days do you need in Alexandria?

Most people who visit Alexandria tend to spend around 2 days, whether it’s a weekend trip for Cairenes who are eye-starved for a little Mediterranean Sea, or tourists who dedicate a couple of days out of their larger 2 week Egypt itinerary.

Where can I buy train tickets in Cairo?

How to buy tickets. The Ernst / Watania Sleeping Trains reservation office on the western side of Cairo station.

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