Is Wakiso the largest district in Uganda?

Wakiso District

How big is Wakiso?

736 кв. миль

Which is the largest district in Uganda?

Uganda – 10 Largest Cities

Name Latitude/Longitude
1 Kampala , Central Region 0.316 / 32.582
2 Gulu , Northern Region 2.775 / 32.299
3 Lira , Northern Region 2.25 / 32.9
4 Mbarara , Western Region -0.605 / 30.649

Where is Wakiso found?

Wakiso District is located in Uganda’s central region and shares borders with Kampala, Mpigi, Luwero, Nakaseke, Mityana, Mukono and Kalangala districts.

Is Wakiso a city?

Wakiso is a city in the Central Region of Uganda. It is the headquarters of Wakiso District.

Who is the CAO of Wakiso district?

Akiiki Kuruhiira is the appointed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Wakiso district and he is the head of the public service in the district and the head of the administration of the district council he is the accounting officer of the District.

How many villages are in Wakiso district?

Wakiso is a district in Uganda. It has 17 subcounties, 135 parishes and 1884 villages.

What is the cleanest city in Uganda?

Fort Portal municipality at the foot of Rwenzori Mountains is currently known to the cleanest town in Uganda and a gateway to various national parks including Kibale, Semuliki, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable, Rwenzori and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserves.

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Which is the poorest tribe in Uganda?

Soroti is named as having one of the highest concentration of people living under the poverty line in east Uganda, with a poverty density of 53%.

Which is the richest district in Uganda?

Wakiso District was ranked top, ahead of Kampala District, as the “richest” district based on GDP per capita despite Kampala District having a higher GDP. This is because Kampala has a higher population than Wakiso, which brings down its average income (GDP per capita).

What is the biggest town in Wakiso district?

Wakiso District is a district in the Central Region of Uganda that partly encircles Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. The town of Wakiso is the site of the district headquarters. Kira, the country’s second largest city and suburb of Kampala, is in the district.

Wakiso District

When did Kampala become a district?

Kampala was first started in 1891 when the king of Buganda had his executive centre on 2 hills in Kampala, they were Mengo hills and Rubaga and they are still part of the city. The town gradually grew and in 1950 it got a municipal position and in 1962 it legitimately became a city.

Which district is Entebbe?

Entebbe sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. The town is situated in Wakiso District, approximately 34 kilometres (21 mi) south of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

Which division is kajjansi?

Kajjansi is a town in Central Uganda.

Country Uganda
Region Central Uganda
District Wakiso District
Elevation 1,180 m (3,870 ft)
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How many divisions make up Wakiso?

The country was divided into 116 districts (as at August/September 2014). The districts were further subdivided into 200 Counties, 1,378 Sub-counties and 6,495 Parishes.

Which district is Nakawuka?

Nakawuka is a parish in Uganda. Nakawuka is in Wakiso district in Ssisa subcounty.

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