Question: How many tribes do we have in Niger State?

• Senators Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi Muhammad Bima Enagi Sani Mohammed Musa
• Total 76,363 km2 (29,484 sq mi)
Area rank 1st of 36

How many tribes are there in Niger State?

Niger State has a number of different tribes. Its three most popular ethnic groups are Nupe, Gbagyi and Hausa.

The People of Niger State.

Local Government Areas (LGAs)

How many language do we have in Niger State?

There are 38 languages spoken as first language in Niger State. Gbari, Gbagyi and Nupe are major languages. The other languages are minority languages, some of them extremely small and endangered.

What are the tribes in Niger Republic?


Republic of the Niger République du Niger (French)
Ethnic groups (2014) 50.9% Hausa 18.2% Djerma 9.1% Tuareg 8.3% Fulani 5.2% Songhay 4.3% Kanuri 0.5% Toubou 0.4% Arab 0.3% Gurma 2.2% Other
Religion (2012) 99.3% Islam 0.3% Christianity 0.2% Animism 0.1% Irreligion
Demonym(s) Nigerien (/niːˈʒɛəriən/
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How many ethnic groups are there in Niger Republic?

Nationality: Nigerien(s). Ethnic groups: Hausa 56%, Djerma 22%, Fula 8.5%, Tuareg 8%, Beri Beri (Kanuri) 4.3%; Arab, Toubou, and Gourmantche 1.2%. Religions: Islam (95%); remainder indigenous beliefs and Christian. Languages: French (official), Hausa, Djerma, Fulfulde, Kanuri, Tamachek, Toubou, Gourmantche, Arabic.

Who is the richest man in Niger State?

Aliko Dangote / Net worth of $8.4 billion ~ ₦3,275 billion – the official richest man in Nigeria & Africa.

Which tribe is the oldest in Nigeria?

The oldest tribe in NIgeria is Ijaw tribe. Ijaw (also known by the subgroups”Ijo”or”Izon”) are a collection of indigenous peoples mostly to the forest regions of the Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States within the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

What is the main language of Niger?


Who created Niger State?

Niger State, Nigeria

Niger State was created the then North Western State on 3rd February, 1976 by the then regime of General Murtala Mohammed. It has Minna as it’s capital. Other major cities are Bida, Kontagora, and Suleja. Located in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, Niger State covers 76,363 square kilometres.

Which state is bigger in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states by area

Rank State km²
1 Niger State 76,363
2 Borno State 70,898
3 Taraba State 54,473
5 Kaduna State 46,053

Is Niger safe to live?

There are a number of health risks in Niger that should be considered before an expatriate embarks upon a trip there. … Poverty in Niger is high; as a result, the levels of crime, particularly in Niamey, the country’s capital, are high. One of the most prevalent forms of crime that expatriates are at risk of is theft.

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How does Niger make money?

Niger’s economy is based largely on subsistence crops, livestock, and some of the world’s largest uranium deposits. … Traditional subsistence farming, herding, small trading, and informal markets dominate an economy that generates few formal sector jobs.

Why is there a country called Niger?

The country takes its name from the Niger River, which flows through the southwestern part of its territory. The name Niger derives in turn from the phrase gher n-gheren, meaning “river among rivers,” in the Tamashek language.

What is the capital of Niger?


When was the last census in Niger?

The most recent census in Nigeria was conducted in 2006 and was plagued by political interference from design through to implementation. The population estimate was 140 million people.

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