Question: How much does Shell Nigeria pay?

Nigerian white-collar workers at Shell are paid around US$2,000 a month. Shell has a 224 hectare high-security compound in Port Harcourt where Shell’s local and expatriate staff dependents live and socialize.

How much does Shell pay fresh graduates in Nigeria?

Entry level salary for staff in Shell Nigeria is between the range of 2500 USD which is equivalent to N1million. It all depends according to skill and job type.

How much does Shell pay interns in Nigeria?

13 Shell employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor.

Shell Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Intern salaries – 12 salaries reported 43,000/mo
Intern – Monthly salaries – 1 salaries reported 43,000/mo

How much do Nigerian oil workers earn?

A person working in Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining in Nigeria typically earns around 305,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 111,000 NGN (lowest average) to 706,000 NGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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Which is the highest paid oil company in Nigeria?

Total E&P Nigeria

In Nigeria, Total is the highest paying oil company. They pay their entry staff between N7,000,000 – N12,000,000 per annum. This company parent company is Total S.A, a French multinational oil and gas company with business covering the entire oil and gas chain.

Which job is the highest paid in Nigeria?

The ten highest paying jobs in Nigeria are:

  • CEO/BUSINESS MOGUL. One of the most demanding jobs of our day is the job of the CEO or a business owner. …
  • SURGEON. …
  • PILOT. …

Which company is the highest paid in Nigeria?

Below is a compiled list of the 7 highest paying companies in Nigeria:

  • ExxonMobil Nigeria. Credits: eiti. Org. …
  • Chevron. Credits: chevron. …
  • Total. Credits: nairametrics. …
  • Nestle. Credits: legal-suite. …
  • MTN Nigeria. Credits: jobadung. …
  • Nigeria Breweries. Credits: marketingedge. …
  • Shell. Credits: foresightglobaloilandgas.


How much does Chevron Pay in Nigeria?

In terms of dollars, salaries at Chevron Corporation range from an average of 60,766 dollars to 173,455 dollars per year.

How can I get a job in Shell Nigeria?

  1. Explore current opportunities. Explore our current vacancies. …
  2. Discover and apply online. If you’ve previously applied for a role with Shell, you can go straight to your personal profile and submit another application for a new role. …
  3. Connect with us at interview. …
  4. We assess your potential impact.

What are the benefits of being in Nigeria for Shell?

TNCs often have charities to help people in the country they work in. Shell has the Shell foundation to help sustainability and biodiversity and help local communities. The main advantage is that TNCs can help countries develop by investing money ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT.

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Does Saipem Nigeria pay well?

Saipem Contracting Nigeria Salaries

The average salaries for Saipem Contracting Nigeria is 224,538 Naira.

How much are offshore workers paid in Nigeria?

1m per year. For a start, a completion staff earns an average salary of N20m to N65. 1m on an annual basis. They are responsible for the welfare of the oil well.

How much does Schlumberger pay in Nigeria?

The salaries of some job positions in Schlumberger Nigeria are as follows below;

Maintenance Technician earns around #760,000 monthly
General Field engineer earns around #520,000 monthly
Administrator earns around #285,000 monthly
Field Engineer earns around #210,000 monthly
Field Specialist Trainee earns around #133,000 monthly

Which state pays the highest salary in Nigeria?

However, on the average, research shows that Lagos state has the highest number of employees with huge salaries and even potential for more.

Which company is paying highest salary?

Jobs with the highest estimated salaries include VP of sales, group product manager and principal engineer.

Here are the top 50 large companies (500+ employees) with the best-paying jobs, according to employees polled by Comparably:

  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • Microsoft.
  • Zoom Video Communications.
  • Amazon.
  • UiPath.
  • RingCentral.
  • Apple.


How much does Nestle pay in Nigeria?

Below are the salaries of some job positions in Nestle Nigeria; Safety Officers earn around #700,000 monthly. Channel Development Managers earn around #650,000 monthly. Regional Sales Managers earn around #500,000 monthly.

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