Question: Where is Amazon office located in Nigeria?

AMAZON ENERGY LIMITED is located in Lagos, Nigeria and is part of the Engineering Services Industry.

Does Amazon have office in Nigeria?

Amazon Expicite Nigeria Limited is located in Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

How Long Does Amazon take to deliver to Nigeria?

Amazon gives free shipping opportunity to US buyers. Amazon Global Priority shipping only takes between 2 and 7 days to ship the item.

Can I use Amazon in Nigeria?

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria? While it is true that Amazon delivery to Nigeria is possible, you cannot visit this platform and purchase just any product sold on it with direct shipping to your home. This can be impossible in many situations.

Does Amazon deliver to Abuja?

Buy Your Product(S) From the Amazon Online Store

Once the package is received, the freight forwarder will ship the package directly to you in Abuja Nigeria. … The benefit of this service is you can order from anywhere in the United States and get your items shipped to Abuja Nigeria.

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How much is Amazon shipping fee to Nigeria?

You’ll normally have to pay around ₦4,000 NGN to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Nigeria, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in Nigeria will be delivered by Nigerian Postal Service.

How does Amazon make money in Nigeria?

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria with Eight Simple Steps

  1. Getting a Domain and Web Host.
  2. Setting Up Your Blog Website or Affiliate Store.
  3. Customizing Your Amazon Affiliate Site.
  4. Choosing Your Product Niche.
  5. Creating Content for Your Affiliate Site.


Why is Amazon not shipping to Nigeria?

Amazon itself isn’t responsible for deciding on shipping to Nigeria but the seller on Amazon are the ones who decides on which country to ship to or not. It also depends on the kind of product that you want to order from Amazon, Products like flammables, explosives won’t definitely be shipped to Nigeria.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Nigeria?

The cheapest way to ship to Nigeria involves the courier with the best rates for your specific shipment. All major US couriers ship to Nigeria.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria: UPS Vs USPS vs FedEx vs DHL.

Service Transit Time Estimated Cost
USPS Priority Mail International 8 working days $59.20

How can I buy from Amazon in Nigeria?

How To Buy On Amazon And Ship To Nigeria

  1. Step 1: Register on You must first have an account with amazon before you are allowed to ship into Nigeria or any other country. …
  2. Step 2: Select items you want to buy. …
  3. Step 3: Choose your preferred payment option. …
  4. Step 4: Wait and track your shipment.
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Does Amazon accept Nigerian debit cards? does accept credit and debit cards in Nigeria that are supported by Visa and Mastercard international. It doesn’t really matter if you are using a Naira or US dollar denominated card, as long as it is supported by the same global brands which Amazon accepts, it is recognized by them.

Is it safe to ship to Nigeria?

Nigeria is always a scam. Do not ship. You will be out your item and the money.

Does Alibaba ship to Nigeria?

They do Free shipping globally and to Nigeria as well. I purchased a 2 terabyte USB stick and received via post office in Nigeria. Their items are way cheaper compared to Ali’s.

Does Amazon India ship to Nigeria?

Unfortunately, Amazon India doesn’t ship directly to Nigeria. … Essentially, you’ll be able to get any item from the Amazon India store shipped to Nigeria, all for a crazy low price.

How do I ship something from eBay to Nigeria?

Register on to get a free US warehouse delivery address. Shop and ship from eBay and other USA online stores to Nigeria using US address we assigned you. Make payment on or before Tuesday 3pm or Thursday 3pm, for your items to be shipped out on Wednesday or Friday depending on your choice.

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