Question: Where is montane forest found in Nigeria?

Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve
Majang Montane Forest Reserve (Nagombe, Joseph Titus (2018), “Ndola People and Region in African History”, Legacy Perfect Digital Prints, Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria.
Location Nigeria
Nearest city Yelwa village
Coordinates 7°05′N 11°04′ECoordinates: 7°05′N 11°04′E

Where are montane forests found?

These forests can be found in the higher hilly areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, also in the region of Eastern Himalayas to the east of 88°E longitude including the hills of Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Which state in Nigeria is located in the montane region?

Abstract and Figures. During October-December 2002 a team from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and the Nigerian National Parks, visited the montane forests of Taraba State, eastern Nigeria.

What is the other name of montane forest?

…are known as subalpine and montane forests and are dominated by combinations of pine, spruce, and fir.

Is a rare animal found in montane forests?

Rare species like the Kashmir stags, snow leopards, jackrabbits, and red pandas are found here in abundance. Complete answer: The few common animals that are found in montane forests are Kashmir stag, snow leopard, spotted deer, jackrabbit, wild sheep, Tibetan antelope, yak, shaggy horn wild ibex, rare red panda, etc.

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What are the features of montane forest?

State the principal feature of montane forest

  • They are found in hilly areas having a high altitude.
  • The wet temperate forests are found between 1000-2000 meters.
  • More than 3000 meters give the way to alpine vegetation.
  • These forests are mostly used by Gujjar shephards.
  • Trees found are birchona, pine, fur, etc.


Why do montane forests contain mixed species of trees?

Answer: Montane ecosystems are found on the slopes of mountains. The alpine climate in these regions strongly affect the ecosystem because temperatures fall as elevation increases, causing the ecosystem to stratify. Dense montane forests are common at moderate elevations, due to moderate temperatures and high rainfall.

Where is montane vegetation found in Nigeria?

In addition to the Taraba State forests are patches in Adamawa State (the most northerly and driest) in Nigeria, and small pockets on Obudu Plateau in Cross River State. However while we are unclear as to the history of montane forest in Nigeria, it seems that it has been fragmented for many hundreds of years.

What are the vegetation belts in Nigeria?

Vegetation belts in Nigeria reflect the tight link between the vegetation and the country’s climate:

  • Rainforest;
  • Fresh Water Swamp;
  • Sahel Savanna;
  • Short Grass Savanna;
  • Guinea Savanna;
  • Woodland;
  • Marginal Savanna;
  • Mangrove;


What animals live in the montane forest?

Tent Caterpillars

Douglas Fir Ponderosa Pine Lodgepole Pine
Badger Coyote Montane Shrew
Bighorn Sheep Deer Mouse Moose
Black Bear Elk Mountain Lion

Which trees are found in montane forest?

Some significant trees of montane temperate forest are rhododendrons, ferns, oak, maple, juniper, deodar, chilgoza, etc.

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Which Forest has the highest altitude?

On a steep, boulder-strewn mountainside in the Himalaya, clings a stand of juniper trees that holds the record for the highest forest growing north of the equator. The dense cluster of Juniperus tibetica was recently discovered at 4900 metres (16,076 feet) elevation in southeast Tibet.

What is tropical montane?

Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCFs) are unique tropical ecosystems that occur as narrow altitudinal bands between 800 and 3500 m on mountains in the continents of Africa, America, and Asia and in equatorial Oceania (Bubb et al.

What are the characteristics of montane forests Class 9?

CHARACTERISTICS ARE-1-They are found in hilly areas having a high altitude. 2-The wet temperate forests are found between 1000-2000 meters. 3-More than 3000 meters give the way to alpine vegetation. 4-These forests are mostly used by Gujjar shephards.

Is montane forest Evergreen?

MOIST FOREST. There are two major types of wet tropical forests: equatorial evergreen rainforests and moist forests, which includes monsoon forests and montane/cloud forests. … These forests have the highest biological diversity and have a well-developed canopy “tier” form of vegetation.

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