Question: Who is the richest real estate developer in Ghana?

Rank Company Sector
2 Manet Group Real Estate
3 Devtraco Ghana Limited Real Estate
4 Buena Vista Homes Limited Real Estate

What is the net worth of Nana Kwame Bediako?

Nana Kwame Bediako Net Worth : $4 billion.

Which estate is the biggest in Ghana?

Devtraco is one of the biggest estates in Ghana with housing units that house over 1200 residents over an area of 205 acres. Apart from being one of the largest in Ghana, Devtraco’s emphasis on finesse is recommendable. Each project is built with class and the traditional Devtraco quality.

Who owns Imperial homes in Ghana?

Imperial Homes Limited (IHL) is a wholly Ghanaian owned business whose cardinal principle is value chain enhancement and stakeholder advancement. Imperial Homes have successfully metamorphosed from a pure house builder to other sectors in the real estate industry.

Who is the owner of Petronia city?

Petronia City is the vision of CEO and Founder of Wonda World Estates, Nana Kwame Bediako. Designed around the ideology of ‘work, live, learn and play’, Petronia City is a self-sustaining, master-planned, integrated city.

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Who is the poorest man in Ghana?

‘Rude’ Ken Agyapong ‘poorest’ Ghanaian ‘because all he has is money’ – Muntaka. Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong is the poorest man in Ghana because all he has is money and nothing else, Asawase MP Muntaka Mubarak has said.

Who is the youngest richest man in Ghana?

Youngest Richest In Ghana

  • Nana Wan. Nana Wan popularly known as Mr. …
  • Ibrah One. Not much is known about this young Ghanaian millionaire. …
  • Kofi Amoa-Abban. Kofi Amoa-Abban is one of the youngest but richest people in Ghana. …
  • Criss Waddle. …
  • Baron One. …
  • Nana Kwame Bediako. …
  • Jibril.


Who owns the biggest house in Ghana?

Jubilee House
Location Accra, Ghana
Inaugurated November 2008
Cost $ 35-50 million
Owner Government Of Ghana

Who owns the most expensive car in Ghana?

31-year-old Ibrah is the talk of the town in Ghana now. Young Ibrah flaunts his wealth on his Instagram page, showing his fleet of expensive cars, which will cost millions of dollars. He is believed to reside in Dansoman, a suburb of Accra.

Why is Ghana so hot?

The tropical climate of Ghana is relatively mild for its latitude. The harmattan, a dry desert wind, blows in north-east Ghana from December to March, lowering the humidity and causing hotter days and cooler nights in northern part of Ghana.

Which estate is the most expensive estate in Africa?

Ikoyi has some of the most opulent residential facilities in Nigeria, and is thought to have the most expensive real estate on the entire African continent, with the average new apartment selling for US$1 million.

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Which Ghanaian bought Ronaldo car?

His name is Nana Kwame Bediako, aka Cheddar.

Who is cheddar Ghana?

Notable industrialist and real estate mogul, Nana Kwame Bediako aka ‘Cheddar’ has become known as one of the richest business titans in and outside Ghana. The popular CEO, also known as Freedom Jacob is famous for making elaborate fashion statements to A-list events and on social media to engage his fans.

Who is freedom the millionaire?

Born in Accra, Ghana and an alumni of the University of Westminster in London, Nana Kwame Bediako (aka ‘Freedom’) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Kwarleyz Group, encapsulating brands such as Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City & Property Management and …

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