Quick Answer: Does Nigeria have mPesa?

Is mpesa available in Nigeria?

Of the “big three” economies in Africa (South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria), mPesa is currently only available in one — Egypt. This is not from a lack of trying. Following multiple failed starts in South Africa, the service was eventually scrapped in 2016.

Which countries use mpesa?

M-Pesa allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay for goods and services (Lipa na M-Pesa), access credit and savings, all with a mobile device.


Operating area Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Lesotho, DRC, Ghana, Mozambique, Egypt
Members Vodafone, Safaricom
Founded 2007
Owner Vodafone

How do I open a mpesa account in Nigeria?

Activate M-PESA account by following the guidelines below:

  1. Select M-PESA menu then select Activate or Wezesha. …
  2. Enter the ‘M-PESA PIN received via SMS.
  3. Create your own Secret PIN, (a four-digit number) and confirm the secret PIN.
  4. Enter ID number; the same one used during registration.

Is mpesa available in South Africa?

From mobile money M-Pesa to super app

In 2010, Vodacom launched M-Pesa in South Africa, its first launch in Southern Africa before introducing the app in Lesotho three years later.

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Who really invented mpesa?


How does mpesa make money?

M-Pesa creates economic value for Safaricom in two primary ways: Revenue from transaction fees that Safaricom collects via the agent during cash withdrawal operations and transfer operations (depositing money into mobile wallet is free). Reduce Safaricom customers’ churn, improve engagement, lifetime value etc.

How much do mpesa agents earn?

We have 2 Mpesa Agent commission tables.

2021 Mpesa Agent Commissions For Withdrawals.

Transaction Bands Commissions (Registered Customers) Commissions (Unregistered Customers)
5,001-7,500 30 30
7,501-10,000 35 35
10,001-15,000 45 45
15,001-20,000 60 60

Is mpesa in USA?

All thanks to the new Safaricom venture to Mpesa global. If you live in the US and wish to send money in Kenya to your friends or family, you don’t have to send them to the nearest bank. In spite, you can send them to their mobile wallet, and they withdraw through Mpesa.

How can I receive money internationally?

You can receive money from overseas directly into your bank account, using an international money transfer service. You’ll need to provide your bank details so the sender can set up an online account with the international money transfer provider and exchange the money into your desired currency.

Can a Nigerian work in Kenya?

The Republic of Kenya is a fast-rising African country. There are several African countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Kenya. … Nigerian citizens, however, need an appropriate Kenya visa in order to gain entry into the country.

Can someone transfer money from Kenya to Nigeria?

East pesa is a popular international money transfer service provider with which you can transfer funds from Kenya to Nigeria at super low rates and low fees.

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How do I send money to Kenya from Nigeria?

How can someone send money from Nigeria to Kenya? The fastest and easiest way is Eversend (The mobile only banking alternative ) – you can money to your Eversend bank transfer or VISA/Mastercard and send it to MPESA in Kenya instantly.

How can I get mpesa API?

Step 1: Create an account on Mpesa G2 Portal

  1. To get an account on Mpesa G2 portal send an email to Mpesabusiness@safaricom.co.ke or call 0722002222 and request Safaricom to setup Mpesa G2 portal for you.
  2. Login to the portal and go to “Operator management”
  3. Create a user with the name “Business Manager”


How much does it cost to send 5000 via mpesa?

Transfer to Unregistered Users

Min(KSHs.) Max(KSHs.) M-PESA Charges
2,501 3,500 112
3,501 5,000 135
5,001 7,500 166
7,501 10,000 205

Can I use M-Pesa abroad?

You can also go to “M-Pesa Global” under the M-Pesa menu on the mySafaricomApp. Whether you are in Kenya or overseas, M-Pesa goes with you. There is no reason to panic that you do not have cash. Your mobile wallet will sort you out!

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