Quick Answer: Does Nigeria mobile money work?

Why is there no mobile money in Nigeria?

One of the major reasons that Nigerians do not use mobile money is the lack of infrastructure. … It is highly important for Nigeria to improve the mobile money infrastructure in the country as more and more Nigerians will have access to financial services and they will come under the formal financial sector.

Can I receive MTN mobile money from abroad?

Can MTN Mobile Money users receive money from abroad? Yes. With WorldRemit you can receive money from over 50 countries into your MTN Mobile Money wallet in these countries: Benin.

Can I use mobile wallet in Nigeria?

Besides money transfer, it can also be used to pay bills (cable TV, internet, and electricity) and purchase airtime. Launched in 2018, the company offers mobile-based, no fee, P2P payment services in seven countries: Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya.

How does mobile wallet work in Nigeria?

How Do You Use a Mobile Wallet? To use a mobile wallet in person, you can basically wave your smartphone over a device in the shop and enter a PIN (secret code). Then, it gets the information from your mobile wallet to process the payment.

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How can I convert my airtime to money?

All you need to do is register for an Aimtoget account on aimtoget , login, fund your aitmtoget wallet with airtime of any network then withdraw into any bank account of your choice in Nigeria, withdrawals are instant. Then confirm your transfer, your wallet will be credited in less than 5 minutes.

Can I send MTN mobile money from Nigeria to Ghana?

How does it work? You can send MTN money to Ghana to help support those living, working or travelling in the country. The intended recipient must have an MTN Mobile Money account, which is an electronic account linked to their MTN mobile phone. You choose how much you want to send and pay online.

Can I receive money from abroad through mobile money?

MTN mobile money customers can now receive money from relatives abroad through their mobile phones, Mr William Tettey, the General Manager, Capital Project Group, MTN has said.

How do I receive money from abroad?

You can receive money from overseas directly into your bank account, using an international money transfer service. You’ll need to provide your bank details so the sender can set up an online account with the international money transfer provider and exchange the money into your desired currency.

What money transfer apps work internationally?

The 5 Best Apps to Transfer Money Internationally This Year

  • 5 Best Money Transfer Apps. Remitly. …
  • Remitly money transfer smartphone app. This service is an online money transfer company that focuses on remittances. …
  • OFX money transfer smartphone app. …
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise) …
  • PayPal money transfer smartphone app. …
  • Western Union money transfer smartphone app.
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Who is the richest youth in Nigeria?

10 Youngest Billionaires in Nigeria (2021)

  • Igho Sanomi. Igho Sanomi was born in Agbor, Delta State. …
  • Ladi Delano. Ladi Delano founded a Chinese Alcoholic Beverage Company, Solidarnosc Asia in 2004 at the young age of 24. …
  • Linda Ikeji. …
  • Jason Njoku. …
  • Sijibomi Ogundele. …
  • Abiola Olaniran. …
  • Tayo Oviosu. …
  • Mark Essien.

Which mobile wallet is best in Nigeria?

Ewallets in Nigeria

  • Skrill. Skrill Nigeria is one of the most popular eWallets in the world and with good reason. …
  • Quickteller. Quickteller is an eWallet that is one of the most used e-payment platforms in Nigeria and specializes in transactions on the African continent. …
  • Transferwise. …
  • Neteller. …
  • Ecopayz.

Which Bitcoin wallet is best in Nigeria?

Coinbase App

Its mobile wallet app is one of the most popular in Nigeria; since its launch, over 43 million customers globally have used Coinbase’s crypto wallet services to store their holdings. Coinbase wallet is accessible in more than 100 countries, including Nigeria, and supports many different crypto assets.

Is mobile wallet safe?

While it may seem dangerous to load all your card information onto your phone or another device, you should know that mobile wallets are safe from fraud. Your data is encrypted and cannot be seen by the merchant (or anyone) once you upload your card details to your mobile wallet.

How can I send money to Wallet?

How to send money to a mobile wallet

  1. Enter transfer details. Select the country of your receiver, enter the amount you want to send, and select mobile wallet as the delivery method.
  2. Enter receiver details. Enter your receiver’s name as it appears on their ID and other required details for a mobile wallet1 transfer.
  3. Complete by paying.
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What is the best mobile wallet?

The Best Digital Wallets of 2020

  • Google Wallet.
  • Android Pay.
  • Samsung Pay.
  • PayPal.
  • Venmo.
  • Alipay.
  • Walmart Pay.
  • Vodafone M-Pesa.


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