Quick Answer: How can I become an officer in Ghana army?

How do I become a military officer in Ghana?

Eligible applicant should:

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth.
  2. Be of good character.
  3. Be not less than 20 years and not more than 25 years by 14 June, 2019 for Regular Commission and not more than 30 years by Thursday 17 May 2019, for Short Service Commission. …
  4. Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces standard.
  5. Be not bonded.


What qualifications do you need to be an army officer?

To become an officer, you will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • aged between 18 and 28 years and 11 months, although some exceptions may apply.
  • meet the army nationality and residency requirements.
  • pass a full army medical.
  • hold 72 UCAS Tariff points.

How much is the salary of a military officer in Ghana?

But with information reaching us from a reliable source, the least ranking officer of the Ghana Army earns about GHC1000 monthly. This does not include bonuses and allowance. Every Ghanaian Soldier is entitled to allowances and bonuses. The higher the rank, the higher the bonus taken home.

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How hard is it to become an army officer?

Officers from any path need to have a generally clean criminal history and pass the same physical requirements as basic recruits. Doing OCS (a) requires first attending basic training. … Officer candidate school itself is not terribly difficult and it’s incredibly short (12 weeks).

How much is Ghana Police salary?

A person working as a Police Officer in Ghana typically earns around 2,860 GHS per month. Salaries range from 1,320 GHS (lowest) to 4,550 GHS (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is Ghana Immigration Form 2020 out?

How to Apply for Ghana Immigration Service Recruitment Application Form. NB: Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Recruitment Online Applications Begins 29th November 2020 and ends on 11th December 2020 . Carefully read through the entry and recruitment instructions on this page before proceeding to apply for GIS enlistment …

How long is army officer training?

Army OCS is the U.S. Army’s training academy for officers. It is a rigorous 12-week course open to candidates who are active duty noncommissioned officers, civilians who have a four-year college degree, contract workers like doctors and nurses, and those in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Do Army officers fight?

Yes, Infantry Officers do fight. Given, their most powerful weapon is their radio. … However, most Officers (including Infantry) will spend most of their time in staff roles where they will not have a direct role in combat operations, but will support them.

Which degree is best for Army?

Top 10 Best Military Degrees

  • Computer Engineering. B.S. Computer Engineering. …
  • Management. B.S. Management, Bachelor of Business Management, B.A. Management. …
  • Computer Science. B.S. Computer Science. …
  • Business Administration. Bachelor of Business Administration. …
  • Linguistics. B.A. Linguistics. …
  • Accounting/Finance. …
  • Mathematics. …
  • History.
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How much does a nurse earn in Ghana?

A person working in Nursing in Ghana typically earns around 4,900 GHS per month. Salaries range from 3,140 GHS (lowest average) to 9,430 GHS (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How long is Ghana Army training?

Duration of the course for army cadets is two years. At the end of the first six months, a few candidates may be selected to finish their studies at foreign institutions such as the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in Britain.

How much do they pay a soldier?

How Much Do Army Soldier Jobs Pay per Month?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $50,000 $24
75th Percentile $35,500 $17
Average $30,572 $15
25th Percentile $25,000 $12

Do lieutenants fight in war?

Second lieutenants are usually placed in command of all-purpose ground combat units, with more-specialized platoons reserved for the more-experienced first lieutenants. The second lieutenant’s primary task is to lead infantry soldiers into combat, working closely with the platoon sergeant and two squad leaders.

What is a military officer salary?

Military Officer Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $83,500 $6,958
75th Percentile $67,500 $5,625
Average $60,195 $5,016
25th Percentile $41,500 $3,458

Is it better to enlist or become an officer?

Officers will start out at a higher pay grade than enlisted personnel, though enlisted service members are eligible for a variety of bonuses that can be quite substantial. Officers will also receive higher benefits such as monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

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