Quick Answer: How much is Boxer 125cc in Kenya?

Bajaj Boxer BM 125 now available only at our branches. For only Ksh. 102,990/=, get yours today.

How much does a boxer cost in Kenya?

Price: KSh127,000.

What is the price for Boxer?

Bajaj Boxer Specifications

Ex-Showroom Price From ₹ NA Onward
Curb Weight 109/123Kg
Dimensions 2016/ 770/1065
Transmission 4 Speed
Similar Vehicles Honda CB Shine / Honda CB Unicorn 160 / Honda CD 110 Dream / Bajaj Platina 100 and Bajaj Pulsar 180

How much is TVS motorbike Kenya?

List of Prices of TVS Motorcycles in Kenya

S/N TVS Motorcycles Prices
2. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Ksh 159,191 – Ksh 180,000
3. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Ksh 125,000- Ksh 220,000
4. TVS Apache RTR 180 Ksh 150,000 – Ksh 160,707
5. TVS NTORQ 125 Ksh 104,436 – Ksh 118,051

How can I get motorcycle loan in Kenya?

Requirements for Motorbike Financing

  1. Colored Passport Photo.
  2. Copy of ID.
  3. Copy of KRA Pin.
  4. Six Months Certified M-Pesa Statement.
  5. Three Guarantors (Provide ID copies, one guarantor to be a relative).
  6. Client Contribution KES. 15,000.
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How much is a male boxer?

How much do Boxers cost? The current market value for a purebred Boxer puppy ranges from $800 to $2,800+.

How many gears does Bajaj Boxer have?


Displacement 144.8 cc
Maximum Power 12 HP @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque 12.26 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Number of Cylinders 1
Number of Gears 4

Are boxers easy to train?

Boxer dog training is fun, rewarding and a good thing about Boxers is that they are quick learners. All the basic obedience training commands such as sit, stay, come, fetch, down etc. are easily learned by Boxer puppies. … Truth be known, Boxers are actually one of the easiest breeds to successfully potty train.

Are boxers dogs dangerous?

The numbers from this data show that Boxer dogs are the eighth most dangerous breed. Over that time period, there were 74 reported Boxer dog attacks which caused serious bodily harm, as well as nine deaths. This places Boxers ahead of other dangerous dog breeds, such as Akitas and Chows.

Are boxers smart?

Boxers are intelligent, high-energy, playful dogs that like to stay busy. Their temperament reflects their breeding. They prefer to be in the company of their owners and are loyal pets that will fiercely guard their family and home against strangers.

How much do motorbikes cost?

A new motorcycle can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 for an entry-level model to $30,000 and up for very high-end bikes. Most motorcycles are priced somewhere in between. For the majority of styles, you’ll find a lot of awesome models clustered in the $6,000 to $15,000 range.

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What is the price of TVS motorcycle?

TVS Bikes Price List in India 2021

Model Ex-showroom Price
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Rs. 1.29 – 1.34 Lakh
TVS Apache RTR 180 Rs. 1.08 Lakh
TVS Apache RR 310 Rs. 2.49 Lakh
TVS Jupiter Rs. 64,437 – 73,737

How much money does a TV have?

TVS bikes in India comes in the price range of Rs. 41,015 to Rs. 1.08 Lakh.

How much does Tuk Tuk cost in Kenya?

Tuk-tuk Prices in Kenya

Tuk-tuks in Kenya cost between Ksh 350,000 and Ksh 480,000. These are brand new three-wheelers that will assure you of good mileage.

How much does a motorbike earn per day in Kenya?

According to the Motorcycle Assemblers association of Kenya (MAAK), there are currently over 600,000 Boda Boda bikes on Kenyan roads that make an approximate amount of Sh. 1000 per day. This means that in a day, Boda Boda business riders take home Sh. 600 million daily.

How do I get a Bodaboda loan in Kenya?

Go to the dealer which sells boda model that you want. Choose the loan term (52-78 weeks) and installment amount.

After repaying the loan, you will be a legal owner of your boda boda.

  1. Select a motorcycle. …
  2. Visit our authorized dealer. …
  3. Sign a contract to get a loan. …
  4. Ride your new boda!
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