Quick Answer: How much is CAC in Nigeria?

12 Registration of charges for public company N20,000 for every 1Million or part thereof
13 Filing of annual return for a small Company N2,000
14 Filing of annual return for Private company other than a small company N3,000
15 Filing of annual return for public company N5,000

How much is CAC registration 2021?

According to the Companies Regulations 2021, the filing fees for the Statement are N5,000.00 and N10,000.00 for private and public companies, respectively.

How do I get a CAC certificate in Nigeria?

Registration steps for Business Names

  1. Check for availability of the Business Name (click here. …
  2. Complete pre-registration form – CAC-BNo1 and upload relevant registration documents(Online using Company Registration Portal)
  3. Pay filing fee Check the Fees for our Services here.

How much does it cost to register a business name with CAC?

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced a reduction in the cost of business name registration. A business name will now be registered at the cost of N5,000. The service previously attracted a fee of N10,000.

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How much does it cost to register a company in Nigeria 2020?

Fee for registering charges for a private company – 10,000 Naira for each 1 million Naira or part of a million. Fee for registering charges for a public company – 20,000 Naira for each 1 Million Naira or part of 1 million.

Is CAC doing free registration?

The Federal Government has approved all self-employed and business owners to carry out their Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration online free of charge.

How much does it cost to register a company in Nigeria 2021?

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Business Name in Nigeria? Registration of a private company with a share capital of more than N1m and up to N500m costs N5,000 for every 1m shares of the company. Private company registration above N500m authorized share capital costs N7,500 for every 1m shares of the company.

How long does it take to get CAC certificate?

The entire process for registering a business name normally takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the workload of the CAC and other factors.

How do I get a CAC certificate?

To obtain a Common Access Card (CAC), contact DEERS/RAPIDS personnel. To locate the nearest DEERS/RAPIDS office (1-800-372-7437), visit the RAPIDS Site Locator (accessible from all domains) and search by city, state, or zip code.

How do I get a CAC?

Getting Your CAC. Applicants for a CAC must be sponsored by a DoD government official or employee. For the majority of CAC holders (Military and DoD Civilian), your sponsor will be an authoritative data feed from your Human Resources department.

How do I know if my business name is on the CAC?

Check Business Name / Company Registration in Nigeria Online via CAC Website

  1. To search for a company or business name, visit the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) website.
  2. You will be presented with a form to type the name of the company / business you want to search for (as illustrated below).
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What’s the difference between registering a company and business name?

Companies must be registered with ASIC, and company officeholders have legal obligations under the Corporations Act. Registering a business name does not provide exclusive ownership of that name. It also doesn’t prevent other people from being able to register and use similar names.

How long does CAC reserve a name?

This is compared to the one to two week timeline required for business registration. CAC said name reservation, availability will now take 48 hours, correction of availability to 24 hours, while consent for restricted names, limited by guarantee and incorporated trustees will be processed within five working days.

Can a foreigner own a company in Nigeria?

1) Foreign nationals and entities can fully own a company in Nigeria: save for few exceptions, which include companies seeking to bid for contracts in oil and gas industry that requires 51% of shares of such companies be owned by Nigerians, foreign nationals may register and fully own shares of a limited liability …

How much will it cost to register an NGO in Nigeria?

However, the total cost of registration ranges from N130,000 to N200,0000, including the cost of advertisements in 2 national newspapers. Above all, the process for registration of NGO or charitable foundation is tedious, and engaging the services of an expert for such incorporation is most advised.

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