Quick Answer: When did TV3 start in Ghana?

TV3 is a Ghanaian free-to-air television network in Ghana. Launched in 1997 by Thai company BEC-TERO, TV3 airs and produces a variety of television programmes including acclaimed news bulletins, dramas and successful reality television and entertainment shows.

Is TV3 sold?

MediaWorks’ owners have struck an unconditional agreement to sell the New Zealand headquarters of the radio and television network to New Zealanders for $26 million, delivering a huge cash injection to the struggling business.

What is the first private TV station in Ghana?

TV3 Ghana established itself as the most watched free-to-air television station in Ghana, having achieved 65% nationwide penetration at end-2006 and aiming to reach 90% by 2008. TV3 is a privately owned TV in Ghana.

TV3 Ghana.

Country Ghana
Broadcast area Ghana
Network TV3
Slogan First in News, Best in Entertainment

How many people watch TV3?

The rankings show that Adom TV had an average viewership of 662,000 in 2017, 118,000 and 143,000 more than second and third-placed TV3 and UTV. TV3 had 544,000 average viewers while UTV recorded 519,000 average viewers with Joy Prime sitting in fourth place with 364,000 average viewers.

Is TV3 a state owned enterprise?

Launched on 26 November 1989 as TV3, it was New Zealand’s first privately owned television channel. The channel currently broadcasts nationally (with regional advertising targeting four markets) in digital free-to-air form via the state-owned Kordia on terrestrial and satellite.

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