Quick Answer: When was the first election held in Uganda?

In 1894, the Kingdom of Buganda was placed under a formal British protectorate. Britain granted internal self-government to Uganda in 1961, with the first elections held on March 1, 1961.

Which political party won the 1961 elections in Uganda?

General elections were held in Uganda on 23 March 1961. They were the first time direct elections to the Legislative Council had been held across the entire country. The result was a victory for the Democratic Party, which won 44 of the 82 seats (excluding Buganda).

How was the 1996 presidential election?

Democratic President Bill Clinton won re-election, while the Republicans maintained their majorities in both houses of the United States Congress. Clinton defeated Republican nominee Bob Dole and independent candidate Ross Perot in the presidential election, taking 379 of the 538 electoral votes.

Who formed the first political party in Uganda?

Realising they had little chance of winning support in Buganda, the DP under Benedicto Kiwanuka began to campaign for the support of other southern Bantu-speaking tribes in southern Uganda. The DP effectively became Uganda’s first national political party.

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When was the last election in Uganda?

General elections were held in Uganda on 18 February 2016 to elect the President and Parliament.

Who is the Chairman of Electoral Commission in Uganda?

Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

Honorable Simon Mugenyi Byabakama
Occupation Lawyer, judge
Years active 1981 — present
Known for Law
Title Justice of the Court of Appeal of Uganda and Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda

Who is the general secretary of Electoral Commission of Uganda?

Electoral Commission of Uganda

Agency overview
Formed 1997
Jurisdiction Uganda
Headquarters Kampala
Agency executive Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, Chair

Who ran for president in 1996 primaries?

1996 Republican Party presidential primaries

Candidate Bob Dole Pat Buchanan
Home state Kansas Virginia
Contests won 46 4
Popular vote 9,024,742 3,184,943
Percentage 58.8% 20.8%

Who was in the presidential election in 1996?

1996 United States presidential election

Nominee Bill Clinton Bob Dole
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Arkansas Kansas
Running mate Al Gore Jack Kemp
Electoral vote 379 159

Who ran against Bill Clinton for president?

Clinton was elected president in 1992, defeating incumbent Republican President George H. W. Bush. At age 46, he became the third-youngest president in history.

What was the first party in Uganda?

Uganda National Congress (UNC) was the first political party in Uganda.

Which president ruled Uganda for the shortest time?

Lule held the Ugandan Presidency for just 68 days, the shortest tenure of any President of Uganda. Godfrey Binaisa, the former Attorney General of Uganda under Obote who had come to oppose both him and Amin and had no prior role in the committee, was then elected president.

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What political party is Uganda?

People’s United Movement. Republican Women and Youth Party. Revolutionary People’s Party. Social Democratic Party.

Who is the president of Uganda now?

Yoweri Museveni

How many members of parliament are there in Uganda 2020?

Composition. The Parliament has a total of 529 seats, including 353 representatives elected using first-past-the-post voting in single winner constituencies.

When was the 2016 election held?

November 8, 2016

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