Quick Answer: Which network gives unlimited data in Nigeria?

Smile is up their among the best 4G internet service providers in Nigeria just like Spectranet. Their unlimited plan costs N19,800 monthly and it’s valid for a 30-day period. It is unlimited but internet speed will be throttled when you use up to 80GB.

Is there unlimited data in Nigeria?

As it is, there is no unlimited data plan in Nigeria that does not get throttled. All of them will make you crawl if you are a super heavy user. Otherwise, these would be the best data plans in Nigeria for heavy users.

Which network has the best data in Nigeria?

THE RACE FOR THE NO. 1 SPOT: Which is the best data network in Nigeria?

  • MTN:
  • A large customer base: MTN is by far the leading brand in the country that has been around for quite sometime, with a well established name and lots of customers.


Which network does unlimited data?

Unlimited data is currently available on 14 networks in the UK, which include BT Mobile, EE, GiffGaff, iD Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Lycamobile, O2, Smarty, Tesco Mobile, Three, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Asda Mobile and VOXI.

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How much is NTEL unlimited plan?

For only ₦18,500 monthly, you and your family can enjoy unlimited* super-fast Internet access for one whole month! Valid for 30 days. *A Fair Use Policy (FUP) of 150GB applies to this plan. Enjoy continued internet access through the validity period.

Which unlimited data plan is the best in Nigeria?

#1 Unlimited Gold Plan

Spectranet is no doubt one of the most rapid 4G internet service providers in Nigeria. They offer one of the best data plans at a decent price. Their unlimited Gold plan lasts for one month and there is absolutely zero data capacity.

Which is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria?

The following are the cheapest data plans offered by MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile:

  • MTN Double Data. …
  • MTN 2.5GB + 1GB for N2,000. …
  • MTN 4GB for N1000/1GB for N200. …
  • Airtel Double Data. …
  • Airtel 3GB for N1000. …
  • Airtel Youtube Bundle. …
  • Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Package. …
  • Glo Double Data Bonus Package.


How can I get 1GB for 200 naira on MTN?

How to Activate and Migrate to Mtn 1GB for 200 Naira

  1. You need to have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN Simcard to be used for the data subscription.
  2. You dial the code *131*65#, Select 2 as an option in the dialogue box that appears.


Which data plan is cheapest?

Check The Cheapest Data Plans Offered By Jio, Airtel And Vodafone

  • Reliance Jio. Jio provides users with cheap internet plans at Rs. 11 and Rs. The Rs. …
  • Vodafone Idea (Vi) The cheapest data plans offered by Vi are Rs. 16 and Rs. The Rs. …
  • Airtel. Airtel provides users with cheap internet plans at Rs. 48 and Rs 78. The Rs.
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How much is MTN unlimited data plan in Nigeria?

MTN Unlimited Data Plan Pricing

Data Validity Price
Unlimited 7 days 5,000 Naira
Unlimited 30 days 20,000 Naira
Unlimited 30 days 30,000 Naira
Unlimited 30 days 60,000 Naira

How many GB is unlimited data?

100GB data (or 100,000MB) is functionally almost unlimited.

Who has the best plan for unlimited data?

Best Unlimited Data Plans 2021

Plan Data Price
T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan Unlimited (up to 50GB/month*) $140/month
Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan Unlimited (up to 35GB*) $30/month
Visible $40 Unlimited Plan Unlimited (anytime deprioritization) $40/month
AT&T Unlimited Elite Unlimited (up to 100GB/month*) $85/month

Is 50GB enough for 1 month?

50GB is roughly enough data for any one of the following: 2500 Hours browsing. 10,000 Music Tracks. 600 Hours streaming music.

How much is unlimited data?

Comparison of single line unlimited data plans with autopay discounts applied

Carrier Unlimited data monthly cost Data limit
AT&T Unlimited &More $70 22GB/month
Verizon “gounlimited” $75 none
T-Mobile One Plus $80 50GB/month
AT&T Unlimited &More Premium $80 22GB/month

Who owns NTel Nigeria?

Nigerian business tycoon, Gen. TY Danjuma, has been named Board Chairman by the NatCom Development & Investment Limited “NatCom”, trading as ntel.

Which 4G network is best in Nigeria?

Best 4G Network Providers in Nigeria

  • NTel Network. NTel Network one of the latest telecommunication company in Nigeria, according to Ntel, they are only fully operational in 2 states with the Federal capital territory. …
  • Swift Network. …
  • Spectranet Network. …
  • Smile Network. …
  • 9Mobile Network. …
  • Glo Network. …
  • MTN Network. …
  • Airtel Network.
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