Quick Answer: Who is the highest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?

The richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria goes by the name of Ray HushPuppi. HushPuppi can be regarded as the richest Yahoo boy in 2020. Ray does not hide his riches but flaunts them on social media.

Who is the richest Yahoo Boy 2020?

10 Richest Successful Yahoo Boys in Nigeria | 2020 Current Record

  • Ray HushPuppi. Hushpuppi showcases his popularity and wealth on social media which makes the public see him as one of the richest boys in the country. …
  • Shy Boss. …
  • Mompha. …
  • Baddy Oosha. …
  • King Jide. …
  • Opa6ix. …
  • Aremo Gucci. …
  • B Naira.


Who is the richest Yahoo Girl in Nigeria?

Folorunsho Alakija is ranked by Forbes as the richest woman in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $1 billion as of 2020.

Folorunso Alakija
Born 15 July 1951 Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria Protectorate
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Businesswoman
Net worth US$1.0 billion (January 2020)
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Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria and their net worth?

King Jide Net Worth $7 Million

Nobody knows exactly how he makes his money, but they certainly know what he spends it on from the photos he shares. King Jide is currently one of the richest and the most influential Yahoo Boys in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of over $7 million dollar as of the time of this post.

Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Lagos 2019?

Top 10 richest Yahoo boy names of Yahoo boys in Lagos and Nigeria

  • #1. Ray Hushpuppi (1.6m IG followers)
  • #2. Baddy Osha (729k IG followers)
  • #3. Investor BJ (613k IG followers)
  • #4. King Jide.
  • #5. B Naira (767k IG followers.
  • #6. Opa6ix.
  • #7. Investor Zillionz (116k IG followers)


Who is the youngest richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria 2021

  • #1. Ray HushPuppi.
  • #2. Invictus Obi.
  • #3. Mompha.
  • #4. Baddy Oosha.
  • #5. King Jide.
  • #6. Shy Boss.
  • #7. Opa6ix.
  • #8. Aremo Gucci.

Does Hushpuppi have a child?

Exposé As part of his ongoing celebrated trial, Hushpuppi has revealed that he has three children from three different women. He said two of the children live in London and the third lives in New York City.

Who is the world’s richest woman 2020?

Walmart heir Alice Walton is the richest woman in the world for 2020, worth an estimated $54.4 billion—$10 billion more than a year ago.

Is HushPuppi richer than Davido?

Davido’s net worth is estimated around $16million while Wizkid is estimated around $14 milliion dollars with a difference of only $2 million between the two. Hushpuppi has been estimated around the region of $20 million dollars.

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Who is a trillionaire?

First, what constitutes a trillionaire? A trillionaire is someone whose wealth is greater than one trillion dollars (or other currency). In numerals, it’s 1,000,000,000,000 and is also known as 10 to the 12th power.

Who is richer between Mompha and Hushpuppi?

As of 2018, Mompha claimed he had a net worth of a whopping $50 million and that of Hushpuppi is $20 million. It’s obvious if we consider the net worth, Mompha comes out as a winner but Hushpuppi has also acquired some expensive cars that we don’t think Mompha has in his collection of cars.

How much is Hushpuppi worth?

Hushpuppi is currently one of the richest and most influential socialite in Nigeria, With an estimated net worth of $35.5 Million dollars.

Who is the top 10 richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?

1. List of richest yahoo boys in Nigeria and their cars

  • 1.1. Ray Hushpuppi. There is hardly any Nigerian “Big boy” or Yahoo boy that can easily compete with Ray Hushpuppi and win in terms of a special taste for expensive luxury rides. …
  • 1.2. Mompha. …
  • 1.3. B Naira. …
  • 1.4. Baddy Osha. …
  • 1.5. Opa6ix.


Who is the richest girl in Nigeria?

Recap Table: Richest women in Nigeria

Richest women in Nigeria
Rank Name Net worth($)
1 Folorunsho Alakija $1 billion
2 Hajia Bola Shagaya $950 million
3 Daisy Danjuma $900 million

Who is the richest kid in Nigeria?

Summary of top 10 richest kids in Nigeria

Rank Name of Kid Net Worth(₦)
1 Mompha Junior 500 million
2 Ahmed Starboy 65 million
3 DJ Young Money 61 million
4 Emmanuella 60 million
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