Quick Answer: Who was the first judge in Nigeria?

1 Hon. Justice Stafford Foster Sutton (Past CJF) 1955-1958
2 Hon. Justice Adetokunbo Ademola KBE, GCON 1958–1972
3 Hon. Justice Taslim Olawale Elias CFR, GCON 1972–1975
4 Hon. Justice Darnley Arthur Alexander CBE,KCMG,CFR,GCON 1975–1979

Who is the first female judge in Nigeria?

The first woman to serve as a judge in Nigeria was Modupe Omo-Eboh (1922-2002). She was born in the Nigerian state of Lagos and went to college there…

Who was the first chief in Nigeria?

Past Chief Justices

S/N Fullname Period
1 Stafford Foster Sutton (Past CJF) 1956 – 1958
2 Adetokunbo Ademola KBE, GCON 1958 – 1972
3 Taslim Olawale Elias CFR, GCON 1972 – 1975
4 Darnley Arthur Alexander CBE,KCMG,CFR,GCON 1975 – 1979

Who is D Chief Justice of Nigeria?

Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad CFR (born 31 December 1953) is a Nigerian Jurist, Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the incumbent Chief Justice of Nigeria.

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Who is the first woman judge?

List of Judges in chronology

S. No. Name Notes
1 Fathima Beevi first female judge of the Supreme Court of India
2 Sujata Manohar
3 Ruma Pal Longest-serving female judge of the Supreme Court of India
4 Gyan Sudha Misra

Who is the best lawyer in Nigeria?

Best Lawyers in Nigeria

  • Wole Olanipekun, SAN.
  • Gbenga Oyebode.
  • Aare Afe Babalola, SAN.
  • Funke Adekoya.
  • Adedolapo Akinrele.
  • Muhammad Dele Belgore SAN.
  • Adewale Atake, SAN.
  • Chief Joe Kyari Gadzama SAN.

Who is the first female lawyer in the world?

Cornelia Sorabji
Died 6 July 1954 (aged 87) London, United Kingdom
Alma mater Bombay University Somerville College, Oxford
Occupation Lawyer, social reformer, writer
Parent(s) Francina Sorabji (mother)

Who is the highest judge?

The current chief justice is John Roberts (since 2005).

Chief Justice of the United States
Member of Federal judiciary Judicial Conference Administrative Office of the Courts
Seat Supreme Court Building, Washington, D.C.
Appointer The President with Senate advice and consent
Term length Life tenure

Who is the current chief justice 2020?

The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., is the 17th Chief Justice of the United States, and there have been 103 Associate Justices in the Court’s history.

How many chief judges do we have in Nigeria?

Supreme Court of Nigeria
Judge term length Life tenure with mandatory retirement at the age of 70.
Number of positions 16
Website www.supremecourt.gov.ng
Chief Justice of Nigeria

What is the motto of Nigeria?

Nigerias National Motto is Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

Who is the current minister of education in Nigeria?

Mallam Adamu Adamu (born 25 May 1954) is a Nigerian accountant and journalist who is currently serving as the Minister of Education.

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Which is the highest court of Judgement?

The Supreme Court of the United States, established in 1789, is the highest federal court in the United States, with powers of judicial review first asserted in Calder v. Bull (1798) in Justice Iredell’s dissenting opinion.

Who is the youngest female judge in India?

Appointed to the apex Court in 1989, she became the first female judge to be a part of the Supreme court of India, and the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any of the higher judiciaries in country.

Fathima Beevi.

M. Fathima Beevi
Born 30 April 1927 Pathanamthitta, Travancore, British India (now in Kerala, India)

How many judges are female?

As of 2016, only 36% of judges on the federal courts of appeals were women, that is 60 out of 167 active judges. Women represented only 15% of judges on the Third Circuit, only 20% of judges on the Eight Circuit and only 25% of judges on the Tenth Circuit. As for women of color, there is even a smaller number.

Who was the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court?

Sandra Day O’Connor, née Sandra Day, (born March 26, 1930, El Paso, Texas, U.S.), associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1981 to 2006. She was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

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