What are the 6 newly created regions in Ghana?

What are the 16 regions?


  • Greater Accra Region – Accra.
  • Central Region – Cape Coast.
  • Eastern Region – Koforidua.
  • Western Region – Sekondi Takoradi.
  • Ashanti Region – Kumasi.
  • Northern Region – Tamale.
  • Upper East Region – Bolgatanga.
  • Upper West – Wa.

How many regions did Ghana create?

The following table presents a listing of Ghana’s 16 Regions ranked in order of their surface area.

When did Ghana get 16 regions?

The creation of all the 16 regions in Ghana and their capitals has brought the end of the many petitions which go as far back as 1954. This came to be on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, under president Akufo-Addo administration.

What are the 10 regions in Ghana?

… of 24,658,832 million Ghana is divided into 10 regions, namely: Upper West Region (UWR), Upper East Region (UER), Northern Region (NR), Brong-Ahafo Region (BAR), Ashanti Region (AR), Eastern Region (ER), Western Region (WR), Central Region (CR) and the Greater Accra Region (GAR).

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Which region is the smallest in Ghana?

Greater Accra Region is the smallest region in Ghana and is home to Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

How many regions is Ghana 2020?

The regions of Ghana constitute the first level of subnational government administration within the Republic of Ghana. As of 2020, there are currently sixteen regions, which are further divided for administrative purposes into 260 local district assemblies.

Which region is the richest in Ghana?

Land of Gold – Historically, we can confidently say the Ashanti’s are by far the richest sect of Ghanaians by birth. Born into riches, they are destined for wealth by inheritance. Many Ashanti’s acquire their starting capital from their fathers and forefathers.

Which region has the largest population in Ghana?

List of Ghanaian regions by population

Rank (2010) Region Population 2010
1 Ashanti 4,780,380
2 Greater Accra 4,010,054
3 Eastern 2,633,154
4 Northern 2,479,461

Which region is bigger in Ghana?

The Northern Region is the largest area of Ghana. As of 2009, it is divided into 20 districts. The region’s capital is Tamale.

Is Accra bigger than Kumasi?

Accra is Ghana’s largest city and the nation’s capital.

The Biggest Cities In Ghana.

Rank Biggest Cities in Ghana Population
1 Accra 2,291,352
2 Kumasi 2,069,350
3 Sekondi-Takoradi 445,205
4 Sunyani 248,496

Does Ghana have states or provinces?

There are total 10 province/states in Ghana.

How many MMDAs is 2020 Ghana?

The Accra Metropolitan is one of the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 29 MMDAs in the Greater Accra Region.

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What is the oldest region in Ghana?

Ghana started with five regions on March 6, 1957: Ashanti, the Northern, Eastern, Western and the Volta regions. The first region to be created post-independence was the Brong Ahafo Region.

What are the new regions created in Ghana?

The proposed splits were:

  • Northern split into Northern, North East and Savannah;
  • Volta split into Volta and Oti;
  • Western split into Western and Western North;
  • Brong-Ahafo split into Bono, Ahafo and Bono East.

Who is the president of Ghana?

Nana Akufo-Addo

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